Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sam Bum Update

Thanks to everyone who has kept Sam in their prayers and have been thinking of us! I am relieved to say that we are done with the whole hospital thing, and it feels so good! We were scheduled to go in this morning, but yesterday afternoon Sam started screaming and crying in pain and there was nothing I could do to comfort him, so I checked his bum and it looked 10 times worse than it did that morning, so I took him to see the surgeon and he told us we needed to go admit him to the hospital that night and that they would do it then because it probably couldn't wait. Oh, and I was wasn't a sist, even though I heard nurses calling it that. It was just an abscess. Anyway, we arrived at the hospital at about 5:15pm and due to some annoying circumstances (Sam having to have an empty stomach and the fact that there were 3 emergency C-sections that night), he didn't actually get into surgery until about 11pm. During that waiting time though, he did surprisingly well. He was going 8 hours tops without food and his bottom hurt so I thought he'd be doing a lot worse. But he was definitely manageable. And I think we have the blessing he got to thank for that. Anyway, to make a long story short, the surgeon said it was a little more complex than he was thinking (the abscess had a tract that spread to different places under the skin) so they had to cut more of the skin, which means his recovery will be a little harder than they thought. So we had to stay over night. Poor Sam was so tired of being poked and prodded and he felt so awful. Every time a nurse would even come into the room he started to cry. It's hard seeing your baby all hooked up with IVs and seeing them feel so awful. But he did sleep pretty well throughout the night, probably thanks to the anesthesia. Daddy went home to try and get sleep for his big day today, even though unfortunately he still couldn't sleep thinking about Sam at the hospital. It was a good thing he wasn't there though, because I ended up having to move to the 2nd bed because Sam was hogging the whole bed we were sharing and I couldn't sleep. So, after a long hard sleepless night (I literally only got 1.5 hours of sleep) we finally got discharged this morning and got home about 10:15. Sam is doing great and you can tell he is just so happy to be home. We all are! Thank goodness that part is over with. The recovery will be a pain in the butt (literally!) but the worst is over. And I think it was a blessing that it happened last night because I got to have Dave there with me and that helped me keep things together. Everyhting happens for a reason. I wish we brought our camera so we could post pictures of him in his cute little hospital gown. Anyway, thanks for everyone's support!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sam's bum

Well, our little Sam goes in for minor surgery tomorrow morning. He has had a boil or something on his butt for about 3 months now and the 2 times I saw the doctor he said it was normal and okay and not to worry about it, that it should go away on it's own. He said I should just soak it and put triple antibiotic ointment on it everyday. So we have been doing that the last 3 months and a few days ago it started to get a lot bigger, redder, and more swollen so we took him in yesterday and he got an antibiotic but we also had to go see a surgeon and he told us it needs to be removed surgically. It looks so a rock is underneath his skin. Aparently it is a sist of some sort...or so they are calling it. So, our poor little guy goes in to the hospital first thing in the morning where they will have to put him under and remove the whole chunk. I know it is a very small minor procedure and that he will be fine, but being our first child and that he is still a baby, I have been having a hard time with this and worrying myself to death. It's not even that I'm worried something could go wrong (though, I do a little), it's just that he will be so scared in there without me and wont know what is going on. It will just traumatize him. When he was getting his blood drawn at the hospital yesterday, that was even a nightmare for him! It's just hard thinking of your baby going through something scary. I can't imagine if something actually serious and bad happened to my do people handle it? I guess if he was older I wouldn't worry so much. I will keep everyone updated. Just please have him in your prayers tomorrow! Thanks!!