Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sam's bum

Well, our little Sam goes in for minor surgery tomorrow morning. He has had a boil or something on his butt for about 3 months now and the 2 times I saw the doctor he said it was normal and okay and not to worry about it, that it should go away on it's own. He said I should just soak it and put triple antibiotic ointment on it everyday. So we have been doing that the last 3 months and a few days ago it started to get a lot bigger, redder, and more swollen so we took him in yesterday and he got an antibiotic but we also had to go see a surgeon and he told us it needs to be removed surgically. It looks so awful...like a rock is underneath his skin. Aparently it is a sist of some sort...or so they are calling it. So, our poor little guy goes in to the hospital first thing in the morning where they will have to put him under and remove the whole chunk. I know it is a very small minor procedure and that he will be fine, but being our first child and that he is still a baby, I have been having a hard time with this and worrying myself to death. It's not even that I'm worried something could go wrong (though, I do a little), it's just that he will be so scared in there without me and wont know what is going on. It will just traumatize him. When he was getting his blood drawn at the hospital yesterday, that was even a nightmare for him! It's just hard thinking of your baby going through something scary. I can't imagine if something actually serious and bad happened to my children...how do people handle it? I guess if he was older I wouldn't worry so much. I will keep everyone updated. Just please have him in your prayers tomorrow! Thanks!!

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Jennifer Whipple said...

Jennie, we will be thinking of you guys tomorrow. I love checking your blog to catch up on how you are doing. I was sad to see about Sam. If I don't talk to you before Christmas, have a great one!