Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, I have been back since Sunday night, so I figure I should probably update. Idaho was so much fun! It was so nice to go back and to be in weather that wasn't scorching hot! I miss it there. I do have to admit, though, that I do not miss Rexburg specifically - Idaho, yes...Rexburg, no. Anyway, besides the busy weekend of the blessing, we didn't do much. We pretty much just hung out with Braxton, Cindi, and Aaron all week and watched the Office reruns. :) Can't complain there. It was so nice just to relax with them and I miss them so much! I wish we could live closer to them.

That baby Aaron is just so amazingly cute! I miss him so much! He was so fun to cuddle and hold and kiss. The blessing was great and he looked so cute in his blessing outfit! It was a good weekend. There was a lot of family and friends around and we had a good time together!

I got to see lots of old friends and family while we were there too, which was nice. I saw the Andreasens, the Holidays, Jessica, Erin, The Bartons, Grandma goes on and on. I also got to go back into my old workplace, Melaleuca, because Braxton works there now (Cindi, Aaron, Sam, and I brought him lunch one day). It was...interesting. Not only does it look completely different in there but it seems a lot has changed since I left a year and a half ago! Wow! I can't believe it's been that long!! It was nice to see old friends and co-workers that still work there, though!

We also stopped in Provo on the way there and on the way back and stayed with John and Micha and baby Coltharp-to-be so that we didn't have to do the whole 13 hour drive in one day. Not only would Sam have been a nightmare, but the baby inside me didn't like the driving too much either. I'm so glad we got to stop there though, because that made me able to see everyone in my family, since they were the only ones that couldn't come to the blessing!

Sam did exceptionally well in the car (he has always been so good at road trips!), probably due to the fact that we're so used to driving far distances because of where we live. He didn't get much sleep while we were in Idaho and that was difficult on me...and him...especially at the end of the trip. It was a nice vacation and we had a great time but we are happy to be back and be with our husband/daddy again. We missed him so much! Sam was so excited when we came home and he saw his daddy again for the first time!

Dave was so sweet. Not only was I surprised by our beautiful new couch he bought while I was gone, but he also had roses all over the house for me too. I love my husband so much! He is such a good man and such a good husband and father!

We are also very excited for the Holidays that they had their little baby girl, Addison Ella. She was much earlier than expected but I'm glad that Jillian can start feeling better and the baby is doing great, so I hear! Congratulations to them!

Things are progressing well in my pregnancy. Like I have mentioned before, I am huge, but because everything is happening a lot faster with this one, I also started feeling it moving around a LOT sooner, which was fun. It's moving around all the time and is actually pretty feisty. It doesn't like it at all when I do anything where I am tightening my stomach muscles. It will kick me fiercely every time. It seems I have to watch what I do a lot more with this one than I did with Sam. Sam seemed to be okay with whatever I was doing. :) It's gone by so fast and I can't believe I am already halfway through. I am so excited to have it already and it can't come soon enough, though! We are going to find out what the sex is at our next appt. when I am 22 weeks, so we will keep everyone posted (though Dave and I both already have our inclinations to what we feel it is :)

I finished reading the draft of Midnight Sun that Stephenie Meyer posted on her website, thinking it would satisfy my craving for it, but all it did was make me want to read it more! It is unfinished so I should have known it would be that way, but I couldn't help but read what was available. It was SO good! It goes hand in hand with Twilight so well! I absolutely love hearing Edward's point of gives you such a different perspective on the story and what's behind Edward's thoughts. Not to mention, it shows a much more vulnerable side of him that only makes him more endearing... :) It was amazing and I am craving more! So all I can do is hope that Stephenie Meyer eventually has the desire to finish it again, though I do completely understand why she wouldn't. I am crossing my fingers!

So the other day when Sam had been coloring he came up to me eating something and I looked in his hand and he has eaten half of his red large crayon!!! Paper and all! His mouth was totally red and I wish I got a picture. Thank goodness they are non-toxic. It is amazing to me that he wont eat normal food very much (I'm waiting for that stage to end...), but he will eat a disgusting wax crayon, no questions asked...

Here are some pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't take more than one picture when I was in Idaho, even though I had my camera with me the whole time. I am usually pretty good about that, but I just didn't think about it much. So thankfully, I have some pictures that Cindi and my mom took...

This was on Sunday before church. Heather and Jonah stayed with Sam and I at Grandma's and both Jonah and Sam feel asleep on the couch watching Sponge Bob. Jonah is hard to see in his dark suit on the blue couch...CUTE boys!

Cindi and Aaron...the cuddly ball of baby....

Me and my boy...

Aaron in his new swing...

Grandma and two crying grand kids, Sam and Ayla...

Cute Aaron in his blessing outfit!

Me and cuddly ball of baby! Don't mind the way I look.... I think I was watching the Office or something...

Me and Aaron and Sam...he got jealous a LOT. :) He will have to get used to it...

CUTEST picture of Aaron! I want to squeeze him!

Mom and all her five grand kids...Jonah, Aaron, Alexa, Sam, and Ayla.

Sam and Grandma!

The roses Dave had for me when I got home (after I gathered them from around the house, of course!)...

Here is a picture of our new couch in our living room! Dave spent the time to rearrange everything so that it would fit too. It was all done when I came home! I love the couch! Not only does it look nicer but we all love relaxing on it...even Sam!

Sam arranging his cars in a line on the TV stand. He loves lining them all up. He does it with his crayons too...and everything else. :)

I know I still need to post a picture of me pregnant, and I will...soon. As soon as I feel "presentable" I will take one! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Idaho Here We Come...

I am very excited because Sam and I are heading to Idaho tomorrow. Well, we are stopping at John and Micha's in Provo tomorrow night and then making it all the way to Rexburg on Friday. I will finally get to meet little Aaron! He is getting blessed this Sunday and with the exception of John and Micha, our whole family will be there and I can't wait!

Dave is really disappointed that he can't go but he can't get anymore work off. He will miss us so much and we really wish he could come with us!! It won't be the same to go to Rexburg without him since it feels like "our" town. But I am very excited to go back and visit people I have missed...and to be somewhere about 20-30 degrees cooler!

We have spent the last three weekends in the Valley (Phoenix) staying with the Stewarts - helping them move, paintballing (well, not me...), hanging out - and though it makes me miss living in civilization, it makes me grateful to get back to the Bagdad weather because it isn't as hot here. Phoenix is SO hot! I'm not sure I could ever live there!

Okay, that's a lie. If Dave got an awesome job there we'd move in a heart beat...I just would loath the heat. Anyway, we have had so much fun spending time with the Stewarts! They have been like family, not just to Dave and I, but to Sam as well. He absolutely loves it there and when we left on Monday morning he was crying when we were saying good-bye. He loves them so much! :)

Dave has absolutely loved paintballing and I have them to thank for getting him so hooked on it. He got a bonus at work recently and almost all of it was spent on paintballing gear! He even made a wanna-be shield out of a camping matt! It's so funny! They have been going on the weekends to this abandoned warehouse right behind their house and I am so excited to finally go with them when I am not pregnant some day!

Another one of our favorite things we do with them is rock out with Rock Band! They recently purchased another guitar so now they have all the instruments and it's so addicting! One thing I will refuse to do though is the drums...I am so uncoordinated, and therefore horrible at them. But we love it...and have been very tempted to buy it all ourselves!

Well, that's it for now. I will post when I get back from Idaho!