Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Idaho Here We Come...

I am very excited because Sam and I are heading to Idaho tomorrow. Well, we are stopping at John and Micha's in Provo tomorrow night and then making it all the way to Rexburg on Friday. I will finally get to meet little Aaron! He is getting blessed this Sunday and with the exception of John and Micha, our whole family will be there and I can't wait!

Dave is really disappointed that he can't go but he can't get anymore work off. He will miss us so much and we really wish he could come with us!! It won't be the same to go to Rexburg without him since it feels like "our" town. But I am very excited to go back and visit people I have missed...and to be somewhere about 20-30 degrees cooler!

We have spent the last three weekends in the Valley (Phoenix) staying with the Stewarts - helping them move, paintballing (well, not me...), hanging out - and though it makes me miss living in civilization, it makes me grateful to get back to the Bagdad weather because it isn't as hot here. Phoenix is SO hot! I'm not sure I could ever live there!

Okay, that's a lie. If Dave got an awesome job there we'd move in a heart beat...I just would loath the heat. Anyway, we have had so much fun spending time with the Stewarts! They have been like family, not just to Dave and I, but to Sam as well. He absolutely loves it there and when we left on Monday morning he was crying when we were saying good-bye. He loves them so much! :)

Dave has absolutely loved paintballing and I have them to thank for getting him so hooked on it. He got a bonus at work recently and almost all of it was spent on paintballing gear! He even made a wanna-be shield out of a camping matt! It's so funny! They have been going on the weekends to this abandoned warehouse right behind their house and I am so excited to finally go with them when I am not pregnant some day!

Another one of our favorite things we do with them is rock out with Rock Band! They recently purchased another guitar so now they have all the instruments and it's so addicting! One thing I will refuse to do though is the drums...I am so uncoordinated, and therefore horrible at them. But we love it...and have been very tempted to buy it all ourselves!

Well, that's it for now. I will post when I get back from Idaho!


The Jacksons said...

What a cute post. I am excited for when you find out what you are having.
How fun to have friends close by to hang out with!! What a great thing! Have fun in Rexburg!

Steve, Jillian, and our Little Girl said...

Jennie so I decided that you and Sam should just stay in Idaho and tell Dave to come visit you on the weekends, Idaho is about the same distance as Phoenix.

Anonymous said...

Idaho is the arctic, Arizona is the tropics. I think Sam would like the tropics better.