Friday, February 29, 2008

Grandparents coming to town!

Today I got the unexpected (and wonderful!) news that my parents are coming to visit us in two weeks! Yay! I was a little sad thinking that because we were so far away from family (and out in the middle of nowhere) we would rarely get visited. I know that my other family (the Meyers) is going to try and come in a few months, and we are very excited about that, but I honestly didn't think that my own family (Coltharps) would be coming out...especially anytime soon! Dad just happened to have a business trip in Pheonix and mom decided she'd go with him. So I am very very excited to have them as the first guests in our home...even if it is only for a couple of short days. And Sam is excited to see Grandma and Grandpa!

So I finally started one of the books I have been wanting to read today - "The Brothers" by Chris Stewart. I only got through the Prologue and half of chapter one and I am already loving it! What does it say for a book that I was already bawling by the end of the prologue?? I'm sure it will be great and I am excited to get through it.

Anyway...peace out.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This and That

Sam had his year checkup on Monday and it went well. He is growing like a weed up-wise, which means he's not growing much in weight. He is in the 75th percentile for his height (30.5 inches) and only in the 15th for his weight (only 19.9 lbs.). Tall and skinny! He hated getting his immunizations, of course, but not even a minute after Dr. Greene was done he forgot about them and was fine. It gets easier every time. The pediatrician he goes to now is good, but it's his own small practice so it's just him there - not what we were used to at Upper Valley Pediatrics!

He is doing more fun things everyday. Today he decided to mock me after I yawned. So now, if he sees us yawning (or when we try to get him to do it by faking it) he opens his mouth big and squints his eyes like he is yawning. It's so cute! He is getting better at standing on his own. If he would get over the fear and just trust himself he would be perfect at it!

It's been so warm the last few days! We are loving it. Dave likes the fact that he can be outside washing his car at 6:30 at night with no shirt on, as he teased his mom about the other night. We took Sam to the awesome pool the other night for family night and he loved it. It's so fun for little kids. We are grateful that Bagdad had accommodated it's occupants with a good community center.

Along with the constant cleaning and getting settled in that has been going on, T.V. has been our main source of entertainment (there's not much else to do here, okay!). We (well, I should say me...Dave isn't really into it, though he will watch it when it's on) have been religiously watching American Idol and I just have to say that I am just loving the little 17 year old David Archuletta (or however you spell it)! He is by far my favorite that has ever been on the show in 7 seasons. The best voice!

I also quickly have to mention another great show (not that people want to hear about what I watch on TV, but it's my blog, right?)...if you want to know what's really going on in the world (especially with politics) from someone who isn't afraid to tell it like it is, watch Glenn Beck. His opinions on things are right on (in my opinion :). I'm not going to discuss my political views, but if you watch the show or know anything about it, it's right on with where I stand. He gives the real facts and I feel so informed watching his show. I definitely recommend anyone that cares, that is. :)

Okay, now that I got that out, I need to go get ready so that Sam and I can take a stroll to the store!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're back online!

"B" is for Bagdad! Hello Everyone! This last month has been absolutely crazy (has it really already been a month??). We didn't have internet until the middle of this week because it took them 3.5 weeks to come set it up once we signed up for of the many joys of living in a small town. Anyway, now that I have most of our 196 new inbox messages in our email cleared out, I figured I should update our blog!

So far, other than the huge culture shock of living in Bagdad, we are enjoying it. Dave is still in the stressful stage of learning and getting used to things in his job, but he likes it. He got his new truck (new 2008 Dodge Ram) a couple weeks ago and though the hassles we have been dealing with have been a huge headache (the dealership, etc.), he loves his truck and he is pretty proud of it.

One thing I am definately enjoying here is the weather, though I know I probably wont be saying that in the summer. It has been raining a lot here lately but I will take rain over snow any day! It is beautiful here...beautiful in a different way than what we're used to. It's all desert...rocky, hilly desert with huge cactus (and little ones too). If you look closely at this picture you will see them. This is in Bagdad, close to the mine.

There are some annoying things about our house, but we also love it! We have been very very fortunate. The Lord has definately blessed us in so many ways recently. It's so nice to have our own home! (well, it's not technically ours, but still) We still don't have it decorated quite the way we want it, but that will come with time.

We have met some wonderful people here and that part has been one of my favorite things about Bagdad. We were befriended and fellowshipped as soon as we came and everyone has been so great! They are friendships that we hope will last a lifetime. Our ward is absolutely tiny and so different than anything we have ever experienced, church-wise, but again, I absolutely love it.

Sam is now over a year old and doing good...crankier than ever, but good. His teeth have been coming in like crazy so it seems he is always in a mood. Whether it's his teeth, he's sick, or just plain tired from being off his sleeping schedule, it's always something with him. His personality and temper are getting more and more fiesty every day, which is such a huge challenge - and I know it will only get worse as he grows closer to the terrible twos. But with all that attitude he is getting more and more fun and cute. He is becoming more like a little boy and less like a baby all the time. :( It's a happy and a sad thing.

He is very close to will be any day now. He eats anything and everything and every time Dave and I sit down to eat something we feel like we have a begging puppy at our feet. He climbs up and smacks his lips and says "num nums" over and over again until we feed him. He can be full from just eating his own meal at his high chair, but he will still beg for food and eat it when we give it to him. And as we discovered recently when he "blew chunks" all over the family room floor, he doesn't even fully chew his food. He just swallows it in whole pieces. Hoepfully as he gets more teeth he will learn. He is so funny and he is our main source of entertainment in this house.

There isn't really anymore big details to report on. We miss and love everyone so much! We promise we will keep this updated more often. If you want to see more pictures of Bagdad and our house and stuff go to our Photobucket website! Our house looks really boring and blah because we don't have grass or anything else yet. It will get there!