Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This and That

Sam had his year checkup on Monday and it went well. He is growing like a weed up-wise, which means he's not growing much in weight. He is in the 75th percentile for his height (30.5 inches) and only in the 15th for his weight (only 19.9 lbs.). Tall and skinny! He hated getting his immunizations, of course, but not even a minute after Dr. Greene was done he forgot about them and was fine. It gets easier every time. The pediatrician he goes to now is good, but it's his own small practice so it's just him there - not what we were used to at Upper Valley Pediatrics!

He is doing more fun things everyday. Today he decided to mock me after I yawned. So now, if he sees us yawning (or when we try to get him to do it by faking it) he opens his mouth big and squints his eyes like he is yawning. It's so cute! He is getting better at standing on his own. If he would get over the fear and just trust himself he would be perfect at it!

It's been so warm the last few days! We are loving it. Dave likes the fact that he can be outside washing his car at 6:30 at night with no shirt on, as he teased his mom about the other night. We took Sam to the awesome pool the other night for family night and he loved it. It's so fun for little kids. We are grateful that Bagdad had accommodated it's occupants with a good community center.

Along with the constant cleaning and getting settled in that has been going on, T.V. has been our main source of entertainment (there's not much else to do here, okay!). We (well, I should say me...Dave isn't really into it, though he will watch it when it's on) have been religiously watching American Idol and I just have to say that I am just loving the little 17 year old David Archuletta (or however you spell it)! He is by far my favorite that has ever been on the show in 7 seasons. The best voice!

I also quickly have to mention another great show (not that people want to hear about what I watch on TV, but it's my blog, right?)...if you want to know what's really going on in the world (especially with politics) from someone who isn't afraid to tell it like it is, watch Glenn Beck. His opinions on things are right on (in my opinion :). I'm not going to discuss my political views, but if you watch the show or know anything about it, it's right on with where I stand. He gives the real facts and I feel so informed watching his show. I definitely recommend anyone that cares, that is. :)

Okay, now that I got that out, I need to go get ready so that Sam and I can take a stroll to the store!


mamadutkus said...

I love your blog! And the pictures! And you! I can't wait to come and see all this in person! Love, Mommy

•M•a•r•y• said...

omgoodness jennie! i love David Archuleta too!

Anonymous said...

Dave, you dog! I can't believe yor're all done with school and enjoying the career life! I hope you guys like it down there in Bagdad. I really have no idea how we came across your blog but it was fun to get an idea what's going on with you. Your boy is pretty stinking cute. So you had all those worries for nothin. :-) Hey, by the way So much for being post card buddies. Here we've been away from Rexburg for three years and I have yet to get a post card from you. Your uncle Will had another baby, and you wouldn't have guessed it but it's another boy:-). So let me know if you are comming up for the baby blessing. I know it would be a long drive but what the heck, at least you could stop by and see us while you were here and if that's not worth the trip I don't know what is. :-) School is going good for me, I only have one more year left. Our girls are getting big and Rylie is enjoying her job as a nurse at the hospital. Hey it was so good to hear about you guys. Maybe if we can't be post card buddies, we can at least be blog buddies, but we don't have a blog and nothing posted on facebook, so you might have to wait 5 years for us to catch up with the internet. : ) Steven.
Ps My e-mail is Send me a note if you get a chance.