Sunday, August 24, 2008


So I know I'm a little late reporting this, but we had our five year anniversary last weekend (Aug. 16) and I just want to say that it's been the most wonderful five years of my life! I can't believe how fast it's flown by and everything we have done and where we are at now! It has been great and I love my husband more and more all the time!

Our anniversary was awesome because we actually got to go on a date!! Yay!! As you can tell, it doesn't happen for us out here in Bagdad. Thanks to our wonderful friends, the Stewarts, we were able to leave Sam for a few hours and chill. We went to Phoenix for the weekend and stayed with them and Saturday afternoon they took Sam with them to run their errands and we went and saw Dark Knight...finally! It was great and it helps so much that Sam is so comfortable with them...they are practically family!

And I have to comment on Dark Knight of course, while I'm on the subject....BEST MOVIE!!! I loved it so much and didn't want it to end! It was great and there couldn't have been a better Joker than Heath Ledger! He was amazing!

Anyway...this week we have Dave's family from Utah visiting us - mom, Stewart, John, and Jordan. Since we couldn't come down to see them when Stewart got back from his mission last month, they came up here! This is the first time he has met Sam and Sam just loves his uncles! I will post some pics and stuff when the week is over.

Nothing really new with the pregnancy...just getting really big...really fast, unfortunately. Today I finally just gave in and decided not to try and hide my belly anymore and I wore a dress to church that showed it all too well...I am still surprised every time I see my silhouette at how big I am getting so fast! Yes, I know...I should have taken a picture. :)

Sam not only knows his numbers and counting but he also knows most of the letters of the alphabet and some colors as well! He is so smart and surprises me every day!

Lastly, I just wanted to shout out that I have finally accomplished one of my long time goals of writing a book! I am done! It is finished! Not that I will actually go through the trouble to publish it or anything (it's not that good), but it was just an awesome thing for me to do!

That's it on us for now!


The Jacksons said...

I want to see prego pictures!! :) And how awesome that you finished your book. I totally want to write a book, but haven't found the time yet. I started one in college, but never finished. Maybe someday, right? And you should totally get it published!! :)

Grandpa Meyers said...

Jennie, Mom and I can show you how to get a draft version of your book published in a week. Hardbound, softbound, or spiral.

Say hi to Sammy and have fun this week with your family in town.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the only one that didn't know you were writing a book! What's it about? I love you! Mom

Maegan said...

It is totally normal to be popping out earlier with your second. Your body knows what to do, so its okay. I loved the Dark Knight too! We thought Heath Ledger was amazing!