Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Reviews...

I finished two books since the last time I posted, and as always, I feel for some reason to give my little opinions... :)

The first one is Breaking Dawn, of course! And I don't have anything bad to say about it! I was really worried I'd be disappointed, but I wouldn't have wanted it to go any better! I loved the way Stephenie Meyer ended the saga! It was perfect and everything was wrapped up perfectly. I'd have to say that though Twilight is a classic favorite, this one is probably my favorite in the series! Love it! Did I already say that?...

Next one I finished was the Peacegiver, by James Ferrell. "How Christ offers to heal our hearts and homes." It's a short one that would serve as an excellent self-help book, but luckily for people like me who have a hard time getting into anything that isn't in fictional or novel format, it was layed out like a story so it was easy to follow. It was so good and opened my eyes to such amazing things about the Atonement that I had never ever thought about before! It helps you so much to look at your life and your sins and forgiveness in a different way, not to mention helps immensely with relationships! Even if you aren't having any problems in any relationships, it's good to know and helps a ton! I would recommend this to anyone!

And lastly, a quick movie review. We are behind on the movies we see because we have to wait until they come out on video, but I rented Penelope from Netflix and I would recommend it to everyone - kids, adults, male, female! I loved it and thought it was such a cute story and taught a good lesson! Even Dave liked it, believe it ot not! And another little perk, if it even matters, is that James MacAvoy is in it... :)

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