Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're alive!

It seems to have been a really long time since I have posted anything and a lot has been going on so I might have a few more posts following this one... We are doing good! We have had a busy and eventful past few weeks! Grandpa Jim had a business trip in the area a few weeks ago and it was during Grandma Julie and the girl's YW camp, so he brought Jeana with him and she stayed with us for a few days. It was great having her! She was such a big help and Sam had so much fun playing with her! They colored, read, learned colors and numbers, and built tracks with his train set. Here are a couple pics from when she was here:

I also wanted to post a couple pictures from when Sam hit his head the other day. I know the pictures don't do it justice and they don't give the full effect of how bad it was, but I have never seen a bump to the head stick out so much! Maybe it's just that it was the first time he has done something like that and I overreacted. I'm sure there will be many more accidents as he gets older... Anyway he fell and hit his head on the sharp edge of the end table and immediately it started to stick out like this...

Luckily it went down the next day and now it's just a scratch with a nasty bruise. And the reason he was crying in the picture wasn't even because of the injury...he was crying because I was holding him still to take a picture. :) He's tough.

Lastly, Sunday was very exciting for us! It was Sam's first day in nursery at church! Yay! The feeling of freedom during our classes was...exhilarating! :) He has been teething really bad the last couple weeks (all four of his 2-year molars are coming in) and he was so cranky so we were worried he would be brought to us like half-way through, but he made it the whole time! When we dropped him off, as soon as he saw his little friends and all the toys he ran away from us and didn't look back! So we left immediately and we heard he did great! He loved it! He even sat in his own little chair and ate a snack and he even colored a picture for us! I was such a proud mommy that day! Our baby isn't a baby anymore!

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love to take jenna to bed and practice making baby's with her