Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book Review...AGAIN!

Okay, now that I have actually finished the Great and the Terrible series (whats out of it, anyway), I can officially say that it is WONDERFUL!! I finished From the End of Heaven last night and I am going through's always a little depressing, in a way, when you finish a good book because you miss reading it so much. They introduce a couple new characters in this one and in the beginning I was a little agitated because I wanted it to only be about the main characters you've followed the whole series, but after reading more about them I have fallen in love with those characters too! It was such an amazing book (all of them were, but especially that one and the 4th one, Fury and Light)! What an eye opener! Gives you a sense of the harsh realities (kinda scary actually) but it also makes you feel a sense of your Heavenly Father's love for you and your important place in this earth and His plan! It gives you a sense of such strength! And the last one, Clear as the Moon, comes out October 3rd. It can't come soon enough because the last one just kind of left me hangin'!!
Anyway...I will stop about that. I just strongly recommend them to any member of the church who wants not only an entertaining read, but loves the feel goods!

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Christa Johnson said...

I really appreciate all of your "book reviews". It helps a fellow book addict like myself determine what to read next.