Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally an update!

I hadn't posted in a while so I thought I would to let everyone know we're's just that there hasn't been much going on lately to post about. Life has been just the same old same old...and that's fine by me! :)

I noticed I don't post nearly a fraction of what I used to on Sam seems like once they get to a certain point and they have learned so much, they are catching up and doing new things every day so I can't really keep track of them all! But he is so much fun! His new favorite word is "no" and says it all the time...and "good bye" or "bye bye"....but that's just scratching the surface. He says a ton of words and it's nice that he is starting to understand me when I ask him questions and things. He had been really cranky lately and it's because we noticed he's finally getting his 7th tooth...after all this time! Maybe it will be like the first time and they'll all come in at once. The only downfall with the fact that he is in the toddler stage now is that he is the PICKIEST eater! I always thought I would be able to prevent that by starting to give him anything and everything from the time he was very young and that worked for a while...he used to eat EVERYTHING! And now he is so specific that it totally depends on what he is in the mood for and most of the time I waste foods that I make because he wont eat it. So it's a guessing game each day at lunch when I have to try and figure out what he might want that day and wont waste. It seems like the only thing he will eat is chicken. And he says chicken sounds more like "Ji-ji" but he is smart and knows what it is. I tried tricking him into eating beef the other day so I told him it was chicken and he just looked at me and shook his head. Anyway...we always make sure to feed him whatever we eat at dinner because we don't want to get him in the habit of us catering to him specially, but it's difficult because he will usually only pick one thing from dinner, say green beans, and that's all he'll eat that meal. So, if anyone has any suggestions at all, that'd be greatly appreciated!

The fourth of July was like any other day. Daddy took Sam to the good ol' Bagdad parade in the morning, where apparently a fireman sprayed Sam directly in the face with a hose and Sam freaked out. ('s kind of funny, but it does irritate me). Then for lunch we went to the BBQ at the Firehouse and had BBQ beef sandwiches with the Johnson's. And that was it! No fireworks aloud in Bagdad this year so we didn't see or hear a single one. It's okay though...we needed a day just to relax!

We are FINALLY getting our butts in gear and getting our food storage together. We figure it's probably important if the prophets are always warning us to at every conference, right? And we don't have the excuse that we don't have any room for it anymore. So we stocked up on a bunch of canned foods and got two 55 gallon barrels for water. That's the the first we have to order wheat, rice, beans, etc. from the church storehouse!

Not much else of concern to report for our little family, but Stewart, Dave's brother gets home from his mission on July 24! We wish really bad that we could go to Utah to see him and so that he can meet Sam, but it's just not going to be feasible. And then August will be a big month...not only are there good books coming out and good shows starting (not to mention to Olympics), but it will be our 5th anniversary, Sam will FINALLY be in nursery (I am counting down!), and most exciting of all, my little sissy will finally be having her baby boy, Aaron!!! Yay!!! I am VERY excited and am going to try to do everything in my power to come to Idaho in September for the blessing!

Not much else going on...just wanted to give everyone an update!

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