Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weird Intruders...

So, I just had to post about something weird that happened in our backyard last night. To anyone in Bagdad, this is common, but I have never seen anything like it before! Apparently, Havilena (spelling??), some breed of a wild bore, are pretty previlant in this area and we had heard that the whole reason the person that lived here before us put up the fence was to keep them out from eating from his apricot tree, but we had never seen them.

Anyway, last night we were going to bed and I heard something in the backyard through our window and it scared me so I told Dave there was someone back there, and when we turned on the porch light and looked out the sliding glass door we saw a bunch (at least 8) of them walking around in our yard and scavenging for food! It was crazy! I never thought I'd see any form of wild pig...in my yard!

Dave didn't want them to ruin our grass or eat the apricots so he grabbed a big shovel and tried chasing them out of our yard, which took like 10 minutes! They didn't go out the same way they came in (through the big space in the fence that Dave still hasn't fixed)...instead they went under the fence! They had to of pushed the bottom of it up pretty good because they were huge!

I tried to get a picture of it, but by the time I thought of a picture and got my camera the only ones left in the yard was a huge mom and her baby. And it was dark so the pictures didn't really turn out, but the first one is of the mama's butt and tail as it was running back to the baby and the second one is the mama and the baby cowering (you can see glowing eyes on the other side of the fence where the others were waiting).

Anyway...probably not a big deal...especially to you Christa, but I thought it was pretty odd! In fact, it kind of scared me a little! Haha!

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