Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bagdad, here we come!

Well, it is official...we are headed to Bagdad! Bagdad, Arizona, that is. Dave officially accepted the position on Monday and he will be starting his job on Monday, January 28th. He would be the Industrial Hygienist for a mining company called Phelps Dodge (part of a corporation called Freeport McMoran). We have a lot of mixed emotions about it, but mostly we are very excited. It is going to be a great opportunity for him, career-wise, and there are many great benefits, perks, and opportunities that come along with the job. We have been praying for months for a job opportunity and we never expected such a great one right off the bat. We are definately thanking the Lord every chance we get!

It might be a small mining town in the middle of nowhere, but I think we can handle it. It will be a new adventure for both of us, as both of us have always lived in a normal/big city. The closest it is to any normal size city is about an hour and a half to Prescott, and about 2 hours away from Pheonix. But, even though it's a small town there is still a ward/branch building there, so at least we wont have to drive an hour and a half to church every week!

We don't know the day we are officially driving down there yet because we have to find out first how soon we can move into one of the houses down there. Everything in the town is owned by the company, including the houses, so we will be paying rent to them to live in one of the houses for a very reasonable price.

There are a lot of other small details that I wont go into here (if you want to hear more, email or call us), but basically we are excited! Wish us luck!


RLSmith said...

Grew up in Bagdad. Loved it. All my family is now gone from there, but that's still "home."

Grandpa said...

Congratulations you three!! You'll do great in Bagdad and have a great time. There is so much to see and do in Arizona.
Love, Grandpa

Steve and Jillian said...

YEAH JENNIE & DAVE YOU GET YOUR OWN HOUSE!!!! WE are happy for you guys!!

Steve and Jillian said...

YEAH JENNIE & DAVE YOU GET YOUR OWN HOUSE!!!! WE are happy for you guys!!

Kadie said...

Congrats Dave and Jennie! We are so glad that not only something worked out for you, but that it turned out to be a great opportunity! :)

infixum said...

I work in Morenci (the other side of the state).
I've only been to Bagdad once, but that part of the state is pretty.
Vegas isn't too far away either (you don't have to gamble and there's lots of stuff to see and do).
Good luck and welcome aboard.

Rick and Amy Barton said...

Jennie and Sam, Thanks for stopping by when you were in Idaho. It was great to see you. Litte Sam is growing soo fast. Tell Dave Hi. The Bartons