Monday, March 24, 2008

It's been a while...

Life is crazy! I will just start with what's new...Sam's appointment went okay last week. Besides the fact that it was a long 2.5 hour drive and I waited for 2 hours to finally get in and see the surgeon, I'm glad we went. Apparently, the surgery wasn't done right the first time in Idaho(of course). So he is scheduled for surgery again this Friday at 11:30am. And because the surgery wasn't done right the first time, it is going to be a lot more extensive and the healing process will take 4 weeks instead of 1.5 - 2 weeks. One thing I really like is that the surgery will be performed at the actual Phoenix Children's Surgical Center and not the hospital, so it wont feel as...creepy. I'm stressing over it and dreading the healing process and all that, but mostly I feel like it can't come soon enough! I am so tired of dealing with this dumb thing and seeing him in pain! Once it's all over it will be so nice! And we feel really blessed that it is something so minor. It definitely puts things into perspective when you see another family you love going through something harder than what you are going through yourself. It just reminds you that your problems are so temporal and small and that you will get through it! But please just keep Sam in your prayers! gotta love's already taken me an hour to get through this far of my blog. This is why it's so hard for me to find time to update it. When he finally does go down for a nap, I have to prioritize, and most of the time doing the dishes or the laundry takes precedence.

Anyway! I finally booked my plane ticket for my brother John and Micha's wedding. I will be back in Colorado (with Sam, of course) from May 3rd to May 10th and even though I am really not looking forward to doing the whole airport thing with Sam again, I am really excited! It will be about 5 weeks after his surgery so hopefully he is all healed up and good by then!

Well, my mom and dad were here this last weekend, as I mentioned before. They came Saturday and stayed the night. We were going to go to church the next day but Sam was still sick so mom and I stayed home with Sam and dad and Dave went to church. I went the last hour though, because I had to teach the lesson in Young Women's. Anyway, my dad left Sunday night to go back to Phoenix and mom, Sam, and I hung out until Tuesday when I took her back to Phoenix to be with my dad. I stayed in the hotel with them that night because Sam had his appointment there the next day. It was so fun to have them here! I absolutely loved that Sam was able to spend time with them and get to know them better. I miss them!

On Monday Dave's friend, Jenny, watched Sam for us while Dave took my mom and I on a tour of the mine. It was the first time I had seen it. It was actually pretty impressive. We had to wear these hard hats and orange ugly vests, though, so I felt pretty geeky. But it was fun!

Another thing my mom felt pretty lucky about is that Sam took his first steps while she was here (March 17th)! Yay! It was so funny because we were sitting there that night (Dave, Mom, Sam, and me) and Dave was saying how the first time Sam walks he hopes he isn't at work and my mom was saying how neat it would be if he did it while she was still there...and not even five minutes later he took his first steps! It was so exciting! We got it on video, but instead of posting that one, I'm posting a link to the video we took last night because he did a lot better! The video is kind of long (a little over 2 minutes) but at the very end he walks all the way to me, turns around and walks all the way back to his daddy! It was so exciting and so fun to see him walking! Please go check it out! Here it is: Sam Walking. I would put it right here on the blog but for some reason every time I try it doesn't load correctly or something.

The drive between Prescott (or, "Prescitt," as the locals call it...don't ask, because I have no idea why) and Bagdad is so pretty. There are so many huge cacti and stuff, but there is this one in particular about 16 miles outside of Bagdad that we really like, so this weekend we pulled off the road and took some pictures! Here some of them are. Other than my bangs being wacked out, they turned out so good and the lighting was so pretty!

On Saturday afternoon we went on a small hike in a little canyon area near by (7 miles away) with our friend (and our Bishop), Morgan, and two of his kids, Cassie and Lund. It was really cool and actually very pretty. We strapped Sam on Dave's back and he loved it! He just loves being outside! Not only was it cool to learn about all the desert plants and bugs and animals and stuff (Morgan and his kids were so informative and knew everything, it seemed!), but it was really cool to see the petroglyphs! Some of them were newer and put there by what we could only presume as idiots, but you can definitely tell which ones are authentic ancient Indian markings because they are pretty faded. It's definitely different surroundings than what we are used to experiencing in Colorado!

Well, yesterday was Easter and we gave Sam his first Easter basket! Actually, it was me giving all of us had toys for Sam and candy for Dave and me. Sam wore a new outfit (I actually bought it about 5 months ago but it has just never fit him until now) and he looked so stylin' and cute! We had Easter dinner with our friends, the Johnsons and the Andersons, in the ward and had a really good time! And it was delicious! Thanks to my weird oven, my rolls I made were dyed black, but they tasted good! :)

Another thing that has been fun for me is I finally bought plants and flowers this weekend! We now have 7 house plants and a bunch of flowers in pretty pots or in the planter outside. I love them! I still need to plant some of them in the dirt in front of our front window, but I haven't had time to do it yet, due to the long time it will take to weed the whole area first. I love flowers. Anywho, next, we are going to till up our yard (weeds and dirt with a few grass blades here and there) and put down some new grass seed and then we will plant a veggie garden out back! I'm excited. This is all a first for me.

My little sissy, Cindi, finally finds out what she's having on Thursday and we are all so excited about that! Once we know we can start planning her shower we will be having in May! I'm so excited for her!

Anyway, that's about all I can think of at the moment. I will try to get on more often so that my posts aren't all huge novels! If you want to see more recent pictures of all this stuff going on, click here to see our newest album in Photobucket.


Steve and Jillian said...

It was good to catch up on your life! We miss you guys tons! Steve's brother in law actually lives in Tucson and just called Steve this last week and is considering Steve for a job in Tucson.

Bryce and Katie said...

Well that was quite the update! Definitely needed though. Sam is so cute!!!! I can't believe Cindi is having a baby, I had no idea. Tell her congratulations for me! Are you coming to Utah anytime soon?? Ha ha, it would be fun to catch up in person!

The Monk Family said...

Jennie! I found the link to your blog on Jennifer's blog. I've been spending all afternoon reading it-so much has happened since I last saw you! Even though you're so far away it's nice to be able to keep in touch. If you want to visit our blog it's

Brooke Monk

Steve and Jillian said...

You need to talk to Jillian about how pretty it really is down there. I know it's not the Grand Tetons, but it beuatiful...isn't it?

The Jacksons said...

How fun to have your parents come. You guys are brave to move to such a remote place, but it sounds like fun. Your little boy is SO adorable. Can I ask...what is his medical issue? I am sorry to hear all that has been going on with it, but I am glad for you that it will soon be over.

Christa Johnson said...

Jennie, I was so glad that you sent me your blog adress! I LOVE your blog!!!! I was so excited to read old entries and see Sam walking and even see Will in the pictures with Sam playing nicely! Lots of fun!! You take really good pictures. I especially love the apricot tree buds!

Cameron said...

Dave and Family,
It's great to see your blog and what you are up to! Congrats on the new job and home and truck, etc. I also always knew you would be successful! It's good to see that things are well with you. Stay in touch!


Maegan said...

Jennie and Dave,
What kind of surgery does Sam have to have? I am sorry that it did not go right the first time in Idaho. That stinks. Your blog is so adorable and Sam is very cute. I hope the surgery goes well.