Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad News

Gosh, this whole blogging things seems foreign to me now because of how long it's been. I got outta the mode and then events started piling up and blogging seemed a chore to me because of how much I'd have to update everyone on. But I need to start anew. I just wanted to express my feelings at the moment.

I can't even thank the Lord for how blessed me and my family are. We complain, and especially lately because of Dave's health (we go in today to find out whether he has diabetes for sure or not...we are pretty sure he does, but I'll let you all know when we know for sure), but yesterday changed our thinking completely. Our good friend, Christa Johnson (Miss Christa, as Sam calls her...she's his "preschool" teacher), was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday, and possibly lymphnode. I feel overwhelmed with sorrow for her. She is such an amazing person, so willing to give of herself and her time, and she deserves a life full of great things! I love her and my heart aches for her and what she is going to have to go through now. I feel as though I can't pray enough for her, and I hope the power of prayer is strong enough to lift some of her load and make it possible for her to get through this with as much ease as possible!

We love you Christa and you will be in our prayers!


2busy said...

Sorry about your friend. That's really too bad...In focusing on someone else's issues, it may make yours seem that much smaller.

Christa Johnson said...

Hey jen,
I finally am reading blogs now that I am home momentarily.
It's crazy, but when you talk about prayers lifting me up, I can literally feel the prayers like a big fuzzy blanket around me and sometimes I want to just loan that blanket to someone else around me who is struggling with my diagnosis so they can feel how warm and cozy it is too. but I am pretty selfish with my cozy blanket, so too bad for you! He!he!
Love you so much!!!