Friday, February 26, 2010

February Happenings

I thought I'd try to recap some of the little happenings in our lives from this month. Other than the birthdays, not much has been going on. Josh and I are both sick (waiting for Sam's turn, ugh), which is the 2nd round of sickness in our home this month. Not fun. We're thinking about investing in an air purifyer or something. One big hihglight is that as of a few days ago, Josh has started walking! Nothing incredibly serious, just a few steps, but we are very excited! Even though it means he'll be getting into even more stuff. Yay for me.

They (Sam and Josh) had their doctors appointments last week and both are very healthy! However, Josh is only in the 3rd percentile. It goes down each appointment, which is weird, but Dr. Sipes (absolutely love her, by the way!) isn't concerned because he eats quite a lot, is active, looks plump, and is very healthy. Our kids just must have small genes. :)

We got to go on a double date with Brand and Tiff Stewart last weekend, and though that might be a normal thing for most, it's an event worth celebrating in our lives. :) We haven't been on a date in ages and it was so fun to get to, and actually have a babysitter to watch the boys! It was the first time I had ever had someone else put Josh down for bed, but he did thank you Cass!! We saw Shutter Island, which was just fabulous in my opinion, though very heart-wrenching.

Nothing new with Dave. Still plugging along at work and still trying to manage his health issues by managing his stress.

Nothing new with me, my writing anyway. I've sent out a few queries (of which I've gotten 4 out of 5 rejections), so before I send out another batch, I'm working on perfecting my querie and synopsis. I've been blogging more extensively about this process on my other blog.

Outside of my wonderful little family life, I had an exciting change with my calling at church. The Young Womens presdidency has been re-vamped and I feel very blessed to have been re-called as the first counselor. Karen Anderson has been called as the president and I am extreemly thrilled to work under/with her! We had our first presidency meeting today and I am overcome with the spirit that this change is JUST what the young women in the Bagdad ward need! I have been feeling that something HAD to change the last couple of weeks and strongly believe this is an answer to many prayers.

Anyway, here are some pictures from throughout the month. And I know I need to make it a priority to get back on my regular blogging schedule. :)

This was Sam helping make his birthday cake a couple weeks ago...

Sleeping with Daddy during the Superbowl...

Sam and Josh with their presents. This is just going to be proof of the slacker parents we've been lately. We hardly did anything at all for their birthdays this year, but we did enough for Sam to be excited. I know, however, that next year he will be more aware of things and I'll have to go a little more out of my way to make it feel like a birthday. All we got them was Toy Story 1 and 2, but to Sam, that was the best gift. He is totally into that movie. He watches it AT LEAST once a day and when he's playing sometimes, I'll hear him talking about and to Sherrif Woody. :)

Josh with his cake...not quite sure what to think. He actually burned his little fingers once while trying to grab the flame. :)

They might not look very happy, but they were...I promise. :)


Christa Johnson said...

So cute! I can't believe how much your boys are really starting to look like brothers, especially if you look at their beautiful blue eyes!!!
I am so glad you had a chance to go on a real, bonified date!!! I love dates, but we rarely get them.
p.s. maybe you guys should try to use houseplants to purify the air. The doctors told us that houseplants purify the air better than air purifiers! crazy, huh!

Jessica M said...

Oh my goodness.. Those are two of the cutest boys I have ever seen. and I see a lot of little boys! :) Im glad they got to have their birthday cake. Did Sam sing to himself? I love you guys! Give the boys a kiss from their auntie Jessica!