Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick-or-Treat....or not?

Let me tell you all about our glorious Halloween... I will just start by saying I had expected it to go a lot different and better than it actually did. Our plan was to go over to our good friends', the Holidays, house and help them hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters (which were few and far between), hang out, take Sam around to a few houses trick-or-treating, etc. Sam had 2 different costumes so we started off the night in his pumpkin costume, which he didn't mind...until we got to Steve and Jillian's...

For some unknown reason he was extra cranky and was just whining the whole time. He loves being outside, so at about 7:30 I thought I would try putting on his warm duck costume and take him outside trick-or-treating and that he would enjoy being outside. But Sam apparently HATES his duck costume and it is a little snug on him, so as I was attempting to stuff his legs and arms in the costume he was crying so hard and eventually his lips were turning blue from crying so hard. I just wanted him to be a duck!!!!! So at that point I removed it and tried to comfort him for a while but he just cried for about the next 10 minutes. He was mad at me.... So we decided to hang out and mingle a little longer. About 15 minutes later he was calmed down and happy and playing with his toys so Jillian tried distracting him while we attempted to again put his feet in the costume....before we even had both his feet in he was bawling again.

At this point I was just frustrated because I wanted to take him so badly. So I thought maybe he was tired, tried putting him down, then when he wouldn't go to sleep, tried feeding him, he wouldn't eat. At that point I gave up and just let him play on the floor then he was FINALLY happy.

It was now late and I realized the whole duck/trick-or-treating thing was not going to happen. I was frustrated but at that point, especially after talking to other moms with young kids/babies that there, I came to the realization and acceptance that he is just still a baby, every baby hates their first Halloween costume, he didn't know what was going on anyway (he just thought I was torturing him), and that there is always next year - when he will know more of what is actually going on and be able to have fun! So I am okay with it.

Eventually all the other friends left, we fed Sam and he went right to bed, and we were able to enjoy the remainder of our night with the Holidays. Overall it was a fun night and good to get out of the house and be with friends. If you want to see more pictures you can go to our Photo Album (first link under our favorite links on the left side) and click on the "Halloween 2007" sub-album.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sam did not want to go trick or treating. When those type of situations come up, I have to realize that I'm the one that's more disappointed, and I just need to let it go!
Love your blog! Nettie