Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bye Bye Zoe

Okay, so I spoke (or wrote) way too soon. To everyone who got excited about our puppy news, I'm sorry to report we actually do not have her anymore. I know it's crazy. This last 24 hours has been crazy. Zoe had been going insane in our backyard all by herself all day and just wouldn't stop howling and crying. We tried to play with her as much as we could but she just needed a lot more attention than we have been able to give. We would keep her inside if she wasn't going to grow up to be a big dog, but our house is too small for a big inside dog. We both felt so bad for her and just had a bad feeling about this whole thing all night and day because we didn't feel like we could really provide a home like she'd need, with kids and people to dote on her and play with her. It just didn't seem to be fitting and it didn't feel right.

So, just to see if we could find a family with kids that would enjoy her more than we would and give her the home she needs, Dave took her back in front of the grocery store and tried to see if any other families wanted her. We figured it has only been one day, and she wasn't completely used to us anyway, so what would one more change do? Plus, she just didn't seem happy. Anyway, if no one wanted her it would be fine and we would take her back here and do our best at it.

When Dave left for the next 20 minutes after that I just felt awful about the whole thing. She is such a sweet cute dog and I just felt so bad that we were trying to get rid of her but I also wanted her (and us for that matter) to be happy. So, of course, being the softy that I am, I was praying that whatever is supposed to happen would happen and that a great family would want her, and if not I was praying for everything to work out with us having her.

Well, not even a minute after that Dave called me and told me that a man came up to him and said that she was exactly what he has been looking for! He said he has two kids (7 and 10) who just had their black lab die and they wanted another one so badly and that Zoe looked just like their old one! So that was our answer. Dave gave her to him and that was that. I'm sure she will be so much happier with a family that will probably give her a lot more attention (and will probably keep her inside) and with kids that will actually be excited and play with her. Sam is just way too young for a dog now. He loved her but didn't quite know what to do with her. He would have rather watched Blue Clues than play with her all night.

I just feel so much better about the whole thing and I'm actually glad we took her in the first place, not only so this family could take her, but because it helped us realize we are not at all ready for a dog in our lives right now. We have been talking about getting one ever since we moved here and now we know that we wont even start thinking about it again until we have at least 2 kids, and they are old enough to play with her and love on her!
So anyway, this has been our dramatic day! Whew!


Steve and Jillian said...

Oh you guys are to funny! Steve and I have a little puppy and some days he doesn't even leave our yard. The first week is hard but it seriously gets easier after that. They just miss their brothers & sisters. But believe me your life will be much easier without her and cheaper.

Kadie said...

She was so cute, but I totally understand. I don't think Ryan and I could handle it either. Ryan just said last night, "Having a dog is like having another child. Except they eat more."