Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Were We Thinking??

I know I always do this...I let everything build up and then blog about it all at once. So sorry about another lengthy post. I guess that's what happens when you're busy! Well, we finally gave in and did something I never really wanted to do...meet Zoe, the newest member of our family...Isn't she cute?

Dave called me yesterday and said there was someone in front of Basha's (the local grocery store) giving away free puppies. So we decided to take one....without any preparation or anything. This is not normal behavior for either of us. Especially with this big of a decision (well, it's big to us, anyway). So we are both having mixed feelings about it and hoping it's not going to be a nightmare.

She was very mellow when we first brought her home yesterday and slept most of the day, so I thought we got really lucky...but turns out she was just bummed out. Once she warmed up to us the lab in her took over (she is 3/4 black lab and 1/4 Australian Sheppard) and she started chewing on everything! Since she is going to be an outside dog anyway, we ended up having to put her outside.

Then there was last night...we only got 4 hours of sleep because she was CONSTANTLY whining and barking all night. We were up trying to figure out what to do - we didn't want to wake the neighbors, but if we put her in the garage she'd wake Sam, etc. etc. etc. So, we finally put her in the garage and then put fans in our room and Sam's room to drown out the noise. So that might be what we have to do for a while.

I'm going to Prescott tomorrow to get her shots and I'm going to buy her bed and everything and hopefully when she has that it will help. We are trying to train her, but it's hard because she is an outside dog and we can't be with her all the time. Maybe when dad comes on Thursday (Sam's grandpa Meyers is coming this week...yay!!!) he can give us some more pointers. He has already been such a huge help over the phone. If anyone has any suggestions AT ALL it would be greatly appreciated!!

Here are some more pictures of her...Sam was a little scared of her at first, which isn't like him. But he loves her now!

Well, other than the puppy, the only thing really going on in our lives is working on the yard. We (I should say, Dave) have been rototilling, raking, etc. to get the ground ready to lay down grass seed. It will be so nice when we have grass! We should have started this and had it down by last month, but oh well. I did get some flowers planted though! Here's a picture of our wonderful dirt yard and the extremely exciting flowers I planted...

Now onto Sam....you didn't really think I could go a whole post without reporting on him, did you? he has been so wonderful! He is at the funnest age. He does something new every single day. He is so smart and I am noticing more and more now how much attention to detail he is. One of his new favorite things to do is to organize things. He will take all of his diapers out of the basket, one by one, and then, one by one, he will put them all back, or he will either take them over to the kitchen table and put them on it. In his bath he doesn't even play much with his bath toys anymore - he takes them all out of the hanging container they are in, then he will put them all back in, one by one. But the cute thing is, he is so particular about it and organizes it so well so that every single toy first perfectly inside. It is so cute!

One thing he loves to do now, even more than ever before, is eat! He likes to put as many things in his mouth at once as he can. He stuffs his nilla wafers (or cheerios or beans or whatever he is eating at the time) in his mouth as fast as he can until he can't fit anymore and then he slowly sucks and chews until they are all gone. I think he does this so that he can play longer in between bites without having to interrupt what he is doing by taking more food. Who knows! It's so funny. He walks around looking like a chipmunk. Because of this, we are trying to not put so much of something in front of him at once. Sometimes when he does this, he even tries putting his binky in his mouth on top of that. So silly... Here are a few pictures, even though they don't really do it justice...most of the food was chewed by this point...

He is walking everywhere now and is a complete pro at it. When we are at church and I don't know where he is, I just scan the chapel for the top of a tiny blond head. He is always talking and is always mimicking us and trying to say what things are. He tries to say "Zoe" and "truck" and pretty much anything else we get him to say. He loves chattering and pointing! And singing is a new thing he discovered he likes doing. When mommy sings in "la la"s he copies me, but instead of pronouncing it "la la" he says "na na."

One of our new favorite things to do is to have Sam give us "zingling" kisses! It is the best thing! He loves giving us kisses...unless it's his bed time and he is really cranky...then he just angrily pushes our faces away....which is actually pretty darn cute too, even though it wouldn't be if he was older.

He also learned a new dance move or two. He used to only "head bang" when he danced but now he shakes it back and forth and shakes his whole body. He loves dancing so much and when he says "dancing" it sounds like he is saying "deetdeet." I know, it's not even close, but we know what it means and it's adorable. Here's a video of him laughing and "dancing" in his high chair. Okay nevermind...I tried posting a video. I don't know why it never lets me. You'll just have to take my word for it...he is cute.

We took him to Cabela's for the first time a couple weekends ago and, as we suspected, he loved it. He loved the fish and was pointing and talking to absolutely everything. We didn't have our normal camera, so I had to use the crappy one on my phone. Here he is looking at the fishies.

Okay, I will get off my Sam kick now. I can't help it...I am a happy proud mama and to those of you who think my blog is absolutely boring, I'm sorry....don't read it then. :)

Before I end, I wanted to post a picture from long ago that reminds me of a lot simpler times. I was looking through some old pictures and found it. It was on "24 night" with Steve and Jillian (she was taking the picture)...yes, I was 7 months pregnant and stuffing my face. We had so much fun. We miss you guys.... (*sniffle *sniffle)

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The Jacksons said...

There is a ton to comment on! I can try to help with the video thing. I couldn't ever get one to post either, so my sister in law helped me. When you are creating your post, normally it goes to the "Edit HTML" tab, but you want to switch to the "compose" tab. The tabs are up by the title, kind of. I hope that is making sense. Then it should post. Let me know if that helped or made sense!
Second, Sam is so cute! He is getting so big and so funny!
Third, we got a dog for a month, well my parents did and we live with them, and we couldn't keep it either, so we gave her away. She was a beagle, chocolate lab mix. Crazy!