Friday, January 29, 2010

We're Alive!

So, I know no one thought we were dead or anything because even though I haven't updated this in months, most of you have facebook and know I'm alive and well...but the title seemed fitting. :)

It's been such a long time, I'm not really sure where to start, but I guess I will just start with what's currently going on. Josh and Sam are coming up on their birthdays in a couple of week and I haven't really even given thought to what we might do for that. Josh will be the big 1 on the 10th and Sam will be 3 on the 11th (not to mention Dave's on the 14th). Any ideas?

Josh is a human vacuum, as far as food goes. He's completely opposite from his brother in the eating department, which couldn't make me happier. It is still a constant battle to get Sam to eat anything at all, while Josh inhales everything in front of him. Even when he's full (and I'm not even sure he gets full), he's begging for food. Especially the last few days. I'm assuming he's going through a growth spurt (if not, this kid will eat us out of house and home) because he's been eating non-stop and last night before bed he nursed me dry and still drank 5 ounces of formula after that.

Anyway, I'm hoping his eating habits are gaining him the weight he needs because at his last doctor's appointment (about 2 months ago) he was only in about the 10th percentile and hadn't gained any weight since he was 6 months old. It's crazy, because to me he looks so plump and chubby. But apparently he's small...closer to the size of a younger baby rather than a one-year-old. The almost-bald head doesn't help him look any older, either.

But he's doing great and so much fun. He has such a fun personality and we get such a kick out of him. Watching him and Sam play and fight and laugh together is seriously the best joy I could have ever felt. I never imagined it would tug at my heart so much. I'm so glad they have each other and that Sam has a little compadre now.

Sam is just a sassy, funny kid. He says the FUNNIEST things and we are always breaking into laughter and blown away by things he says. I had no idea he listened so much because he picks up on things I never even thought he was around to hear. One of his new favorite songs is "Pants on the Ground," and for any of you who've seen American Idol, you know what I mean...

Anyway, nursery is one of his favorite things about the week, and thanks to our WONDERFUL nursery leaders, he learns so much! They are amazing. He will come home from church singing primary songs that I didn't even know he learned and I will hear him playing with his toys sometimes, playing out little scenarios with Jesus and Joseph Smith, etc. I love my little guy and the special, wonderful spirit he has.

Unfortunately, Dave has been feeling less than perfect lately. Since November, he's had prostatitus and it's been a huge inconvenience/discomfort in his life. He's been on numerous antibiotics and drugs to help, but nothing has and it seems his urologist has even given up on him. He was told that time is really the only thing that'll heal--if it ever does. So, we are being prayerful.

I finally finished my second novel last night, final edit and all, but I won't go into that here. If anyone's curious about it, check out my other blog. But that's what's been occupying so much of my free time (free time, meaning staying up late at night till I'm dragging the next day because night is the only time to myself).

Besides everything else going on, unfortunately we've been sucked into quite a few shows this season as well. It seems there are too many this time for us to keep up with, and thanks to DVR, we have a whole list of them that still need watching. 24, House, Heroes, Chuck, and the Bachelor take up our Monday nights (after kids are in bed, of course...and no, we don't watch them all in one night. Usually it's just one show before bed). Then the rest of the week is filled with American Idol, Mercy, the new Human Target (not sure how I feel about it yet), Scrubs, Better Off Ted, Modern Family, Community, the Office, and...some others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Oh, and the beloved Lost starts again next week! :)

Between my writing and spending time with my family, I've been attempting to get some good reads in, too. It seems I'm always renewing my library books because I can't finish them too quickly, though. I've been kind of addicted to Nicholas Sparks lately, trying to get caught up with his stuff, and am currently reading Dear John. I refuse to see the movie until I'm finished with the book. Like I'd actually get a chance to see it anytime soon, anyway...

I will try to do a better job of keeping this updated with family info and pictures, I promise! I also just want to give a shout out to all my long-lost Bagdad friends, because I feel like it's been ages since I have seen or hung out with anyone. I seriously feel like a recluse and that I've been shut off from the world. It doesn't help that we've been gone a lot, too. But thanks to facebook and blogs, I feel I can still be a part of your lives. I have such amazing friends here--the best, strongest examples of women there could ever be. You guys are all wonderful and amazing, and even though I haven't seen anyone in a while, I love you guys!

And now for the pictures. I'm not putting up all the holiday ones because that would take FOREVER and I've already put them up on facebook, so I'll start fresh with this month.

Here's Josh trying to get my attention while I sat in bed writing...

This was the result of our freak rain storm in Bagdad. This river bed is usually bone dry and we had to get a picture for evidence that sometimes AZ can be normal!

The boys in their snazzy suites! Love it! Too bad Josh was so mad. It was after church and he was ready for a nap.

The many faces of Joshua... He loves smirking at the camera. :)


Coltharp Golden Years! said...

I loved reading your blog and seeing the beautiful, wonderful pics of my little grandsons! I love you so much! Mama

Christa Johnson said...

Thank you sooo much for the update! i think of you all the time and I always say to myself, (actually I usually say it outloud to Will), "Hey Will, we should go over to Sam's house today and see how he is doing." And then I get caught up with life and being a recluse myself and it never happens. Will probably thinks I am a big fat lier!! he he
I am soooo proud of you finishing your second novel!!! All I can say is "You go girl!!!" (90's coming at you!!)

Anonymous said...

i just finished reading Dear John a couple of weeks ago! its so good! haha i love that Sam knows Pants on the Ground. i miss you guys! you need to move to colorado!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm use those sweet little teeth o gently scrape my c=ck while you suck on it