Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's Sleep??

So, I'm sitting here watching Mickey Mouse Club House, thinking how much I'd rather be in bed. Sam's been sick, and like always when he gets sick, it effects him HORRIBLY. Dave and I were both up ALL night with him as he threw up and whined...and had a CONSTANT cough in-between. There's nothing like finally settling back in bed for the tenth time, to immediately hear, "Mommy! My nose is running away!" Or *cough cough cough*. Argh. And then sometime in the middle of the night, a stupid parade went through town--honking horns and flashing lights. So upsetting.

Anyway, Sam is MISERABLE and extreemly high-maintainance when he's sick, so we are incredibly drained, but luckily Josh isn't sick....yet. Hopefully he doesn't get there.


Christa Johnson said...

Oh man, I hate it when nobody sleeps because of sick kiddos!! I hope Sam gets better soon, poor guy!! And I double hope that Josh doesn't get sick or the two of you! Holler if there is anything I can do without actually coming over there and getting sick...he he he
Get better you guys!

bek said...

i was telling golden- there will be some poor mom, just getting her sick child to sleep when those stupid girls went thru town at 1:30 am on sat night. then i thought of christa and how she probably didn't get the parade visit, since she lives in a "no trespassing" zone. lucky.

The Carlson Crew said...

Jennie, it's been forever, but I had to comment on your post, because we are in the same place, with Spence and I alternately throwing up all night. Yuck. I hope Sam just has a 24-hour bug. Good luck!