Monday, September 13, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Sam's Funnies:

"Dad, I'm a white guy." (Said loudly in the middle of the passing of the sacrament in church yesterday...when it was silent)

"We're home now Grandma, so I don't want you to talk to me anymore, bye." (He'd been talking to Grandma Coltharp on the phone while we were driving and when we pulled into our driveway, he interrupted their conversation with this)

"Mom, will you go in your room so you don't see me playing with the hose outside?" (Because he thinks I'm stupid...)


Kadie said...

I totally cracked up laughing at these! You've got a cute one! I can't wait til Kaleb says stuff like this. :)

Christa Johnson said...

Those are sooo stinkin' funny!! I love that little Sam!!! What a hoot!! Keep recording all his funny quotes, they totally show his personality
Love ya,

Steve, Jillian, and Addison said...

Oh those are hilarious! I love it!