Saturday, September 3, 2011

Everything's In Working Order

Thanks, everyone, for the warm wishes and thoughts on Luke's surgery. I was away from the blogging world yesterday, as nearly every second was spent with Luke in my arms, so I'll have to spill my "confession" next Friday. :)

The surgery went great (as well as getting your genitals sliced can get, I suppose) and he is home healing. He's tender and has some major redness (more like purpleness), puffiness, and bruising in the area of the two stitched up incisions (I'm not posting pictures, don't worry), but he seems to be himself again, for the most part, as of this morning.

I have to be careful what positions I put him into, and I have to double-diaper him for a week. Also, no straddling anything for a while (whether it's the walker, saucer, or my hip), and hopefully, after a week or two's time, he'll be better than new.

Getting up at 2:45 a.m. and driving to Phoenix was difficult, but I really couldn't have asked for it to go smoother than it did. The surgeon also found a hernia while in the process, and fixed it up. Apparently, that's pretty common for an undescended testicle.

I'm just so grateful for the convenience and blessing of modern medicine. And I owe the smoothness of the whole process to the many prayers that were offered. I am one blessed mama.

This is the most precious picture to me. This was before they took him back, oblivious to it all.
Back view. So cute in that tiny hospital gown.
Me and the babe, right after meeting with the anesthesiologist, and right before they took him from me. 
Recovering, and slowly coming out of the anesthesia.
Later that night, laying in bed with me. I was surprised to get such a big, beautiful smile.
In closing, and in honor of Sam--who is sick in bed with the flu right now--here are his most recent Samisms:

  • Watching me dump three scoops of formula in Luke's bottle last week, he asked, "Mom, is that baby seasoning?"
  • While at a stop light in Prescott, my eyes were wistfully glued to a vintage Karmann Ghia across the way (which I love, by the way, for reasons I might delve into another time), and Sam says, "Mom, why is that car so cheap?"
  • He calls space ships "space shits." And I don't correct him. I even bring his toy one to church with us because there's something hilarious about him yelling, "Josh, give me my space shit!" in the middle of sacrament meeting.
  • While wearing an old, favorite t-shirt of mine I hadn't worn in years the other day (actually, the same one I'm wearing in the above pictures), Sam said, "Whoa, Mom! Your shirt is stylish!" Yeah...Savers-chic.
  • I couldn't find Zeus a couple days ago and Sam matter-of-factly said, "He's probably out taking a dump." Thanks, Dave.
  • When asking him what snack he wanted, he replied, "I want crackers, the moldy ones."
  • This morning I caught him and Josh hugging (they do this frequently and it makes my heart skip a beat EVERY time), and when Josh reached up to give Sam a kiss, Sam scolded, "Josh! We don't kiss on the lips! We are boys, and boys can only kiss on the cheeks."
  • Yesterday morning, while wearing just a t-shirt and his underwear, he got off the couch--where he'd been playing with his doggy (his favorite stuffed animal who frequently gets the blame for naughty things and loud, annoying noises)--and told me, "I need to get some pants on so Doggy doesn't see me in my underwear."
  • This isn't really a Samism as much as it's just an example of his personality. I was changing Josh the other night (no, he is not potty-trained yet) at the end of a very long, stressful day, and I wasn't just on the edge; I was hanging off, by my pinkie. And because kids feed off the stress of their parents, Josh was tormenting me, making it as difficult as he could. And Sam stood by watching. Josh threw his disgusting, bursting-at-the-seams-with-urine diaper on my head and I thought Sam was going to bust a gut from laughing so hard. I barked, "It's not funny, Sam!" The tone in my voice would have scared me as a kid, but instead Sam sobered and said, "Actually, Mom. It is funny. Really funny." And he was right. It was kinda funny. I ended up laughing.


Kristen said...

Things I love about this post:
1. I LOVE that he came out of surgery a-ok. Prayers answered
2. I LOVE his sweet smile
3. I LOVE the list. too cute! taking a dump ;) Hilarious!

Mel said...

SO happy that baby boy is doing well!! And Sam - he sure is worldly for his age! Love it!

Jen said...

So glad the surgery went well! I love the picture of you two :)
Samisms crack me up.

Becky said...

So glad Luke is doing so well.

And space shits....ohmy, I love it!

lori said...

So wonderful he's doing so well, and the pics are adorable :) and, thanks for saring the Samisms. You're going to be so glad you've written them down!

May said...

Oh, my gosh! I can't even imagine how hard it was to turn that sweet little guy over to the doctors. So, glad it went well.

Jessica said...

hahaha that kid is too funny! and I'm glad luke's surgery went well. sorry I know I'm really late on this comment.