Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Way Too Tiny For Surgery

I will be leaving for Phoenix at 3 a.m. Friday morning, just me and my little Luke. Off to the surgical center. So my tiny guy can get both his testicles where they need to be.

It's not supposed to be invasive, they say. They just make an incision, go in, find the testicle that's hiding in the abdomen, bring it down into the scrotum, close up the scrotum from the inside so it doesn't leave the sack, and sew him up in the outside. Piece of cake, right?

The surgeon/urologist says he does more than many of these, and that it's pretty standard. In and out.

But that doesn't mean I'm not stressing over having my smaller-than-average, almost-eight-month-old knocked out with anesthesia and cut open on an operating table.

In fact, I'm pretty sick about it. I can't even let myself think about it for too long or I feel my eyes start to burn. To say the least.

I wish my husband could go with me for support. Or that I had some form of support there at all.

But the kids need him here, and I don't want them there.

So it's just me and Luke.

I've done it before. After all, when Sam had his 2nd surgery at 13 months, it was the same thing. Drive down to Phoenix, just me and him. Be there when he comes to, thrashing and disoriented. Comfort him, hold him. Drive three hours home with him, praying he would sleep on the way, since I could do nothing to comfort him in the car.

They say it's pretty standard.

But I'm freaking out inside. Worried sick. Praying it's as standard as they say, that it goes smoothly, and that God will bless him with quick healing and good health, as well as steady hands on the surgeon.

I pray I'll be able to keep it together and that my baby won't be scared.

I pray it will go well and be over before we both know it.

That's all.



Carol Hackman said...

I know the feeling. My (at the time) 4 month old baby girl was in the hospital for 5 days. half of which the doctors did not know what was wrong with her. She had to go in for surgery to have a lymph node drained because it had a Staph infection. It is hard to see a baby in the hospital. Good Luck!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

I'm glad they say it's standard, but I'd be freaking out, too. I wish you didn't have to go alone, but I hope you're back with the success story before you know it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and Luke!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...
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Shell said...

Sending prayers!

Monk Family said...

My heart goes out to you! The closest experience to this I've had is when Emily dislocated her elbow. I had to stand back while she screamed as doctor after doctor after doctor came in and tried to set it without success. Then hearing her cry for me in the x-ray room all alone (I couldn't go in since I was pregnant). We ended up going to an orthopedic surgeon to have it set properly. That feeling of helplessness when it comes to your children is absolute torture! You're in my prayers, hope all goes well for you two!

Mel said...

Poor little bubby! I hope you guys have the easiest time humanly possibly given the circumstances. Hang in there.

Jen said...

Oh, the time you read this, the surgery will be done, and hopefully all will have gone smoothly.
Hugs to you and Luke XO

KSK said...

Poor little guy! I hope everything runs smoothly!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!