Monday, August 15, 2011

What I Miss Most

1. My family. On both sides: mine, in Utah (my parents soon-to-be), and Dave's in Colorado. And no, I'm not just saying that to avoid offense. I actually happen to love my in-laws, for realsies.
The Coltharp Clan (my fam) last summer. Dave, Me, Josh, Sam, Cindi, Braxton, Aaron, Heather, Mike, Reagan, Jonah, Jordan, Mom, Dad, John (his wife and kids were missing that day), Brian, Leslie, Alexa, Ayla, and Brigham.
The Meyers girls: Jen, Mary, Mom, and Jess (Dave's sisters and mom), and us. 

2. My bestie. Am I allowed to use that word even though I'm not a teenager? Doesn't matter, because I just did. I haven't seen her in four years, minus the one hour I got to spend with her last month--an hour of chasing after and disciplining our kids instead of deep, meaningful conversation.
My brother, John, and Chloe, when she lived with us our senior year of high school. No, it's wasn't Halloween. That's just another example of the craziness that is my family. And I love it.

3. Colorado.
Castlewood Canyon, one of Dave and I's favorite spots when we were dating. We even carved our name at the base of a rock under the little waterfall. It's hard to see the waterfall, but it's there. And I know it looks tiny here, but it's really not. We had to repel down the canyon side to get to it, and the waterfall itself is actually about fifteen feet tall.

4. My body.
Oh, gosh, how I miss my pre-baby body. Before my boobs deflated, my stomach stretched, and my hips widened.
That's a climbing wall harness around my waist.

5. When Friday night actually meant something. Like a date, a late night, and a late morning of sleeping in the next day. Sometimes naked. Yes, I said it.
6. Living close to civilization. Like doctors or a mall or normal restaurants or fast-food, or even Walmart.
7. My pre-baby hair. When it didn't fall out just from running my hand through it. When I wasn't worried I might go bald. When it wasn't horrid.
From blond and pretty, to dingy and flabby (I'm talking about me, by the way, not Dave). Man, we were young.

8. Bauer. My cat and Jack. 

Back in the day, during season five of 24, when the Holidays and us would have "24 night." And I'm comfortable showing a picture of me stuffing my face with popcorn here, because I know I'm not the only one who loves to stuff her face.
Bauer, on Easter.

9. Me time. Having time to myself that isn't at eleven o'clock at night.
10. This. I know I already said my family, but this is separate than that. I miss the crazy, wacky, silliness that is me and my siblings.
Cindi, John, Me, Brian, and Heather.


Becky said...

Love the pictures! :D

Stasha said...

Your family looks like a riot! No wonder you have a great sense of self, growing up in a happy home is the single best gift to a human.
Love how we all missing things alike. Yep, naked, I miss it too. There now both of us said it ;)
PS Jennie are you on twitter?

Jen said...

Your family looks amazing and hilarious!! Great pictures :) I miss my pre-baby hair too!

mom2kiddos said...

What a FUN family you have! I miss my pre-baby body too, everytime I look at the flab around my waist.

Saretta said...

Great list! Just my opinion, but you can get that body and that hair back. Fear not, you just have to wait till the kids get a little bit older. Believe! ;-)

Jessica said...

You are so sweet Jen!! So glad you are part of our family! We wouldn't trade you for anyone:) love ya!