Monday, August 8, 2011

Top Ten Food

I decided to start participating in a new, hot trend. I'm a list person and everything I do is in list form. Because I have the worst memory ever and can't remember a single thing unless I write it down. Plus, being able to cross something off a list is almost better than sex a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I plot out my novels in list form, I plot out my blog post topics in list form, I plot out my daily to-dos in list form, and I shop in list form.

I know, who doesn't? But I'm anal about it. I have to rewrite the list before I go to shopping and arrange the items on my list in order of where they are in the store. And then if I remember something else I have to get while I'm at the store, and I have a pen with me (sometimes I forget one, probably because it wasn't on the list), I will add it to the list.

Okay, enough with my list fetish. Here's my first Monday Listicles post (stop by Stasha's blog). And the fact that it's based around food is even better. Here are ten foods I'd rather die than live without (okay, maybe not die, but it sounded good):
  1. Cake. Anyone who knows me well knows that cake is my all-time favorite food. I could eat a whole cake alone. Seriously. I can't even watch Cake Boss or any other cake show because it makes me crave it all day (though I watch them anyway). One time I even ran to the store after an episode of Cake Boss and bought a cake all for me to share with my family.
  2. Chocolate. Because I'm a stereotypical woman. And I need chocolate.
  3. Caramel. Because it makes everything better. Chocolate, ice-cream, apples, salty snacks, vegetables. Just kidding on the vegetables.
  4. Bread/rolls. I'm addicted to bread almost worse than I am to chocolate and cake. Almost. I could eat a whole pan of rolls in one night if I let myself. I'd be suffering all night because of it, but I'd do it. I've done it before.
  5. Cheese. Oh, cheese. I love cheese. Cheese is another thing that makes everything better.
  6. Fruit. I know, something healthy. It's a surprise. But I do love fruit. It's refreshing, sweet...mmm. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. In fact, when I'm pregnant, it's all I usually want.
  7. Meat. All kinds (except liver and other gross body parts that should never be eaten). Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish. Love it all. I could never be a vegetarian for that reason. Never. Move aside salad. Give me a juicy burger or a big fat steak and I'm good.
  8. Other carbs. Pasta and potatoes go great with everything.
  9. Oreos. Because...well...they're oreos.
  10. Mexican Food. I love me some good Mexican food. In fact, it's one of the perks of living in Arizona (and to me there aren't many). There are some great Mexican restaurants here. An enchilada smothered in cheese...mmm.

Notice how most of these are junk? Yeah. I guess you could say I'm like a kid in the way I always want sweets. I crave them. And it's not like these are the only foods I eat, but I stuff my face with junk all day and I really don't eat them a lot. But I'm working on limiting them from my diet even more.

Though so far, to no avail.


Becky said...

Yummy! Sounds delicious! I'm kinda sad that I didn't eat breakfast this morning now!

Bestfoodies said...

I love cheese and bread as well and cake don't get me started many cakes to love! Looking forward to reading your posts!

Mel said...

Mmmmmmm....we share a love of lists AND cakes. Cake is my herion. Paybe we should make a list of our favorite cakes!

Stasha said...

YES, yes yes. We share love of food and lists.
My last meal would be warm bread and butter. If it is carbs I want it. If it is sweet I want it. Heck, let's have some fruit and it will all equal out in the end...

Jackie said...

Lists, cake, Mexican, and bread (I am a biscuit fan) actually! Great list!!

Jen said...

GREAT, AWESOME list!! Except I'm not a huge meat fan, but the rest...LOVE! I also love watching the Cake Boss, and could eat an entire joke :)
So glad you linked up!!

Jen said...

Oh, forgot to say, I love the new pic of the boys!

Mama and the City said...

LOL, my post showcase some of my fav mexican dishes.

I am also a sucker for cheese. It should be in anything. The world needs more cheese. LOL

mom2kiddos said...

At least you have fruits to balance it all out. I love your list of junkfood - I'm in denial though just so I can fool my kids into thinking I'm not a food junkie.

Saretta said...

I'm totally with you on the cake and chocolate - better yet, a chocolate cake! :-)