Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boys in My Life

I want to mention happy birthday to my boys! With the stress of the new baby I couldn't really mention on here happy birthday to Dave and Sam! I love my guys. And I wish that on Dave's b-day/valentine's day we could have celebrated but we had a 4 day old baby! It's interesting how all 3 of my boys have birthdays within 4 days of each other... In my family growing up, December was always the crazy month. Now in my family, it will be February. Anyway, I love you guys and happy birthday!

My mom is here this week and will be until Saturday and I have been so glad both moms could come! It's been so nice for Sam to bond with her and spend time with her. It'll be lonely when she's gone and it's back to me and the kids all day alone together. Hopefully I don't lose my mind... I'll post some more pictures of her and the baby this weekend.

Another update on Sam...his 2 yr. checkup (along with Josh's 2 week) is tomorrow and we are going to be doing blood work to see what's up with this whole illness and fever thing. He had a bad ear infection over the last 2 weeks and just finished an antibiotic, but has still had a low-grade fever the whole time. So something is definitely going on. I just hope and pray that the dr. is sensitive to our needs and doesn't blow us off! I'm also dreading the fact that Sam will be getting blood drawn on top of his immunizations... :(

I just wanted to post a couple more random pics...

When Grandma Meyers stayed with Sam when we were still in the hospital, Great Grandpa Walt and Great Grandma Kathy stayed the night too and had fun spending time with Sam!

Sam's been having a rough time eating dinner the past week or so for some reason (very picky!) and this night he did NOT like Grandma's enchiladas...

His new favorite discovery is sour cream. He loves it and wants to eat it on everything...he'll even eat it by itself. That and ranch dressing. He calls them both "yogurt." He even was dipping his strawberries in ranch the other night...ew.

And lastly, and most exciting, here is Sam on his new potty! He started out VERY well and as time goes on and the newness and excitingness of it is waring off, he wants to do it less and less. Oh well. It's ok. He'll come around and at the moment, I'm in no HUGE hurry.


Anonymous said...

Sam is such a crazy boy and I can't wait to see you guys in only a month!!!!!!

The Jacksons said...

How fun! I can't wait to see more pictures. Sorry Sam is sick again! Man, that is awful with a newborn! Good luck!

yettie/jessie said...

i can not believe how many feb birthday's you have oh man if we have kids in may it would be like that for us
john , ME and of corse his dad ahhhh. so i am going to try and not have any kids that month. and good luck with sam keep us informed