Monday, February 23, 2009

More Thanks!

Quickly, I just wanted to shout out a couple more "thanks!" There are so many helpful people; we are truely blessed...sometimes with the mixture of no sleep and everything going on, my mind blanks on things and I knew I'd remember people I had left off the list. I also want to thank my mom for coming this week and helping out! She got here the day after I wrote that post and she has already been such a huge help!! It takes off so much stress! Thank you!

Also, thanks to the families of both moms for sacrificing to let them come! I know it's not much of a sacrafice for my family because they are all grown and mostly gone, but thanks so much to all of Dave's sisters and dad!! You will never know how much I appreciate it...I know it was truly a sacrafice for you all and I owe you guys big time!

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