Thursday, February 5, 2009

Other Updates

Not much else going on. Sam is sick...AGAIN, believe it or not. Luckily, this time it seems to be just a cold with runny/stuffy nose and soar throat. Hopefully it stays that way and doesn't get worse and hopefully it's gone by the time Joshua decides to show up.

I am officially ready for that boy to come. The house is as clean as I think it's going to get and no more big events planned now. On my appointment on Monday I was dilated to at least a 1 and still 80% effaced. The reason I say dilated to at least a 1 is because she didn't really know. I have the problem (all the women in my family do) of my cervix being so incredibly far back that doctors always have a hard time reaching it. My doctor with Sam always had to get someone else to come in and help (woo-hoo). Anyway, she reached as far as she could and could only reach far enough to fit 1 fingertip at least a 1...maybe more if she could reach it. Sorry to any of you that that grosses out. Just a part of life... :)

Anyway, with Sam I didn't dilate at all until the day I went into labor, so hopefully that means I'm coming along and it should happen any day now. I've been the same "thinned out" though for the past 2 weeks. With Sam, I was 80% effaced for about a month before I had him. But she said on Monday that the baby's head is much much lower than it was last appointment (which I can feel!!!) fact, it's even lower than the cervix opening, which I don't get. But she didn't sound worried, so...

Hopefully I won't have to go to my next appointment next Tuesday...and hopefully the next post you see from me will be announcing his birth! Please come by this weekend Joshua!!

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bek said...

ok, so his head is below your cervix opening and its not coming THRU it?? whats up with that! i have to say, i haven't been online in several days and i LOVE reading and catching up on all your posts! hope you have that baby NOW!