Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear Future Me

*Post inspired by the the Lightning and the Lightning-bug Flicker of Inspiration prompt, "A Letter to You, Part 2." A month ago, the prompt was to write a letter to your sixteen-year-old self, and this time it's a letter to yourself ten years in the future.

What can I say? I'm sure you're much wiser than me, so I'll steer clear of the advice route. We both know how you hate preachy advice, especially when it's given by people younger and more naive than you.

But I do hope all your dreams have come true, Older Me. I hope you can proudly say you have a few more novels under your belt, maybe some even published. Maybe by now you've actually gotten recognized for the talents you have.

And hopefully you're confident enough that you can actually call it a talent now.

As you know, it's taken us a while to come into our own and really figure out who we are. And I hope, Older Me, that you're even more sound in that. I hope you don't let the little things get you down and make you feel bad about yourself.

And I really hope you can confidently stand in a place that fits all your beliefs and viewpoints--in a place your past self is still struggling to find. You're voice should be sharpened by now, more in tune in your head. And that means you won't be afraid to say what you think or feel what you feel.

And even though we swore off children after Luke, I'm willing to bet money that you have more. A girl, maybe? I hope so. Because with three boys who are going through puberty, you'll need some extra estrogen to balance that out.

I'm scared for you, having to deal with three teenage boys and all the yucky that comes along with it. So, good luck with that, Older Me. I snicker, only because I'm a procrastinator and I don't have to worry about yet.

But I bet your boys are really cool, and I bet you and Dave love hanging out with them. I bet Sam is either in choir or theater or something. And Josh has gotta be in football. Luke? Maybe the best of both worlds. I'm sure they're so great, and I can only imagine just how much you love them.

Don't stop loving your husband. Ever. Don't let the spark fizzle. The kids are older now and that means you have no excuses. No newborn babies (hopefully). So you better be going on dates (even if you have to be the one to initiate them), and maybe even getting away for a weekend or two every now and then.

Please don't lose your faith. Life and people suck sometimes, and I'm sure it's even worse now. I don't want to imagine what you've had to endure. But there is good out there, and the gospel is true, no matter what the people in the church, or the organization, have done.

Continue to raise good boys and enjoy life. And on that temper. Because I know you still have it.

Oh...and remember, you're only thirty-eight. You're not old and decrepit...yet. So keep working out and keeping that body looking tip-top (HA!).

Twenty-eight-year-old You

P.S. I bet you're laughing at how horribly written this is, aren't you? Either that or cringing. Because I'm sure you're the most fabulous writer on the planet by now.


Sandra said...

haha! I hate being preached to by younger people too! I love the part about having novels published! Now that's a goal to stick too! Love it...maybe I'll borrow that one...what do I have: 10 years?...

Elena @CiaoMom said...

Love love love this. And so many great aspirations!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

This is awesome! I love the wit and wisdom you dish out to the older version of yourself...and I adore that PS line. PERFECT!! Thanks so much for linking up; I really enjoyed this!

Jackie said...

God Bless you if you go for kid 4!
Love this, especially how you tell yourself 38 is NOT OLD, because 30anything is NOT OLD, not even close!

Jen said...

Love your letter, Jennie!! Love the line "life and people suck sometimes" true!
You're awesome :)

Shell said...

As I was reading your letter, I was thinking about 10 years in the future. I will have 3 teenage boy. Heaven help me.

Slidecutter said...

"And I really hope you can confidently stand in a place that fits all your beliefs and viewpoints--in a place your past self is still struggling to find."

Beautifully written. My favorite part of your letter; it reminds me of me!

~Becky~ said...

Love it! And thank you for inspiring me to write some more! :)

lori said...

This is great. Makes me want to try it out :) Excellent advice for us all.

May said...

How did I miss reading this last week?

And I really hope you can confidently stand in a place that fits all your beliefs and viewpoints--in a place your past self is still struggling to find.

I really loved this part because it is so key to all that is right and keeps our hearts at ease with ourselves.

Good luck with those novels! Go for it!