Monday, July 18, 2011

Rockin' the Babies!

*Post inspired by TICS's Rockin' the Baby prompt. (Side-note: happy birthday, Shell!)

I love my babies more than anything. They are my life, and they grow WAY too quickly!

This was my Luke at almost 2 months, and now he is 6 months. (He also had his 6-month checkup today and is in the tenth percentile for weight and height. And he loves to eat, eat, eat.)

This is my Josh at 9 months, and now he is 2.5 years! He was my most precious Gerber-looking baby.

And lastly, this is my Sammy, at 3 months old. And now he is one of the most bratty difficult, smart, loving 4.5-year-olds in the world!


~Becky~ said...

So cute! :)

Shell said...

They are all so cute.

Though I'm convinced most 4y/o's are bratty!

Jen said...

They are all so precious (even if they are a little bratty sometimes). You can definitely tell they're brothers! Can you imagine when they are a little older?? Wrestling and all things 3 best buddy brothers will think of to torment you ;)

Renegades said...

What cuties.

Aren't brats always the cute ones? :)

Renegades said...
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lori said...

So beautiful!!! And, the time does fly by, doesn't it.