Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Riddance, Bad TV

*Post inspired by Mama Kat's writer's workshop prompt, "List of 10 shows you're glad have seen their last day."

This one was easy.

However, it was even easier to come up with the shows that I wish had never been cancelled (I know that was one of the prompts for last week's writer's workshop, but I missed that one), like Friends, Heroes, 24, Lie to Me (just found this one out...WHAT?!), Breaking In, Better Off Ted, Chase, Trauma, Off the Map, Outsourced, or Perfect Couples...just to name a few. What's with the new trend of cancelling shows after one season, even if they don't suck?

But here are the ones that couldn't have been cancelled at a better time...or with some, never should have started in the first place (in no particular order):

1. The Cape. If you've seen even one episode, you know why. Actually, if you can see this picture, you know why. Sorry, NBC, but you can't pull of another Heroes.

2. Knight Rider. The new one, from a few years ago. Gag, gag, gag.

3. Prison Break. Don't get me wrong; I was the biggest Prison Break fan there ever was (and Wentworth Miller...come on, ladies). Nothing will ever beat the first season. But after the second season, it went downhill. Bad. And we found ourselves watching it only because we fell in love with the characters and had to know how it ended. It definitely saw it's end, long before the end of the fourth season.

4. Alias. I may get harsh words for this, but as a devote Alias and Sydney Bristow lover, I say this out of respect. Because any Alias fan has to admit that after the third season, it started to drop in appeal. Everything about it was different (and that's in part because it got a different director): worse actors, cheesier storylines, and did I say worse acting? I will always love this show, but it definitely should have ended in its prime, not two seasons later.

5. Scrubs. Here's another I loved. I had the first four seasons on DVD. I even have a website of Coxisms bookmarked in my web browser. But the last three seasons, and especially the very last, was like a different show entirely. It just got...dumb.

6. Hannah Montana. Not because I've ever even watched a whole episode all the way through, but from the bits and pieces I've seen while my sister-in-laws devoured it (in their younger years of course), it had to go. Sorry Disney and Miley fans. Gag.

7. Mr. Sunshine. Sorry, Matthew Perry, but your glory days were over after Friends. Don't try to relive them. Because I think you were only good as one character and one character only: Chandler Bing. I know you produced, wrote, and acted in Mr. Sunshine, but it...sucked. 

8. Sarah Palin's Alaska. I'm proud to say I've never watched the show. And I'm proud for TLC for not giving it another go.

9. Smallville. I used to love it...until I realized after a few seasons that nothing new or exciting was happening. It lasted for ten seasons. And they got absolutely NOWHERE during that time. Enough said.

10. The Oprah Winfrey Show. Because I like to go against the grain.

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Cam said...

i totally agree with most of these. the cape - blech, Knight Rider - why remake it? Sarah Palin - sigh...of relief

~Becky~ said...

I'd agree with all of these except for ALIAS. I'm a total ALIAS fan-girl. The writing did get a little weirder after season three, but I think it was more the fact that the characters who played Michael Vaughn and Sydney Bristow were no longer dating in real life and the chemistry changed entirely.

Even then, I'm still a die-hard fan. :p

Mel said...

Great list. I loved the old-days Scrubs but it did go off the rails. And their attempt at reviving it with new characters was awful.

As for Palin's Alaska, my contempt for TLC in even making one season outweighs my pride that they didn't make two.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad that many of these are gone too. I didn't watch them, but I didn't like their commericals.

Lisa's Life Changes said...

It is sad when shows become bad, yet still keep going. Remakes should be banned! Interesting list.

Jen said...

Haha! Great post, although, I have to disagree about Mr. Sunshine and Oprah...I just love her. Totally agree about Scrubs, though!
P.S. Did you sign up for Twitter yet? You totally should!! No peer pressure or anything, though ;)

Jackie said...

Some of these I'd never heard of (probably for good reason)! I totally agree with Prison Break. I fah-reaking LOVED the first season.... never missed an episode... wondered what was going to happen next. LOVE me some Wentworth. YUMMO. Hell, I even loved to HATE T-Bag. ;) But after the first season it was like, okay.... um.... you guys REALLY should have thought about this concept more if you were going to let them escape on a show called PRISON BREAK on the first season. Idiot writers.

Nice list and nice to meet you!

Stopping by from MK's!

Jackie @

Jackie said...

I watched a few episodes of Smallville, and I liked it, but that was when it first started.

As for Oprah, I couldn't stand her!

lori said...

This made me laugh. They always cancel shows I like! What's up with taking away Perfect Couples? That was just wrong.

And, The Cape? Really? What were they thinking? lol

Anonymous said...

well i found prison break season 4 one of the best! i think the 3rd season was like a small disappointment but as you said we all loved the characters and wanted to know how they would end up...anyway Prison Break was one great show

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on just about all of these.. although I've never seen "The Cape" - it doesn't sound like I was missing much! LOL

Jessica said...

first off... LIE TO ME what?! When did this happen?! I am devastated!!

Love this list. I couldn't agree with you more!! Pretty hilarious too:)