Monday, October 27, 2008

Community Halloween Carnival...and some Twilight Geeks...

WARNING!! Long, long Post!
Well Grandpa Meyers was here this weekend in-between two business trips and even though it was a couple days it was so much fun having him here! It doesn't matter how little time we spend with family, we are always so sad when it ends! Sam loves having family around and he bonded so well with his Grandpa this just melted my heart! We didn't know if he recognized him at first, but we think he did because of how fast we warmed up to him! And it's not like Sam lately to warm up to anyone fast that he doesn't already know! He immediately sat on his lap and started doing numbers, letters, shapes, and colors with him (that's one way anyone can suck him doesn't matter how grumpy he is, he loves to learn and recite the alphabet, etc!).

He learned how to say Grandpa right away, though it sounds like a mix between "gapa" and "papa." And he was following him around like he usually does with me! When Grandpa would go in the bathroom he would stand at the door and whine and try going throughout the house to find him. One morning when he was showering Sam was so sad and he kept saying "Papa, shower!" over and over again.

Anyway, we loved having him here and we can't wait till just under four weeks when we can go to Colorado and see all our family!! We are so excited to be there for Thanksgiving but we know that when it comes time to go back home we will be sad. :(

Well, on Saturday night was our Bagdad community Halloween carnival and Grandpa was here so he got to go with us and see Sam as the cutest dragon ever and take pictures and stuff. It was a lot of work for me to chase him around and constantly get him out of trouble (there wasn't much for a toddler his age there to do), especially being pregnant. I don't know if something is wrong with me or out of the ordinary, but I am already having such a hard time bending over and if I'm on my feet too long my tailbone, back, pelvis, and abdomen hurt so bad that I can hardly walk normal. I had a hard time like that with Sam but it wasn't until the very end of my pregnancy...and I still have like three months left. Yay for me.... It's weird too because when I feel like this, my tailbone, spine, and pelvis pop with every movement I make. Especially steps, but even if I am just standing there and I lightly shift my weight from one foot to the other, I can feel all the little pops. I feel like I have no room in my short torso for this baby and it's throwing everything off and out! That part wasn't as bad when I was pregnant with Sam but maybe if I would have gone to the chiropracter and gotten adjusted after I had him like I was told to, I wouldn't be feeling it as bad this time. Who knows...

Anyway, back to my point...besides that, the carnival was so much fun! Sam was so sociable and wanted to run around and go up to people all night! Eventually I was able to keep him in one spot for a little bit while he and Colter (Peter Pan) played with each other with their balloon animals. Bishop had a booth set up where he was making balloon animals and things for kids and he quickly taught Dave how so Dave made a wiener dog for Sam. :)

Something that was really exciting for us and that confirmed we aren't the only ones that think Sam is the cutest: they were having a costume judging contest (Basha's, the local grocery store, was heading that up) and you were supposed to enter your kids when you came in but we didn't bother entering Sam because even though he was dang cute, his costume wasn't very original so we didn't think he would win. Well, about half-way through the carnival when we were getting ready to leave the Basha's manager saw him and commented on how cute he was and asked us if we entered him and we said no because we didn't think he'd win and he was like, "No, you have to enter him! I'll go get his number and enter him!" So we waited around until the end, tired and somewhat annoyed because we didn't think he would win, and right when we walked up to the booth where they were announcing the winners, we heard them call his number (he won first place for his age group)!!! We couldn't believe it but we were so excited! He was so cute and everyone knew it. :) (Yeah, I may be a little biased...) So he (well...Dave and I really) won a $25 gift certificate to the Bagdad Cafe...woo hoo! Free lunch! :)

Sam loved being a dragon so much! He had so much fun dressing up and didn't complain about his costume all night, which I thought he would. He is so excited to get in it again. When I was showing him pictures of him and the short little few second video clip that Grandpa took of him he was laughing so hard! I was showing the video over and over again and he was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe! I love my boy and I love that he is getting to the age to enjoy this kind of stuff!

So another fun and dorky thing is that all of us girls made Twilight T-shirts and wore them that night (and are planning on wearing them at our ward Halloween party on Wednesday too). Becky pretty much did everything and created the logo that was put on the front of the shirt, which is so cute! She is so creative! Then each of us are, or have, picked a quote or line we wanted on the back of the shirt. They are all doing different ones (like, "Why am I covered in feathers?" etc.) because they are wearing them to see the movie together but since I won't be here I am going to do the same one as Destiny because I love it! It says, "I'm in love with a vampire named Edward. Did I mention my husband and two kids?" Dave (all of our husbands for that matter) think we are such dorks but who cares! I love it. And I don't feel stupid... :)

Anyway....this has been an incredibly long post so I will end it now, but I will post again in a few days after the ward party/trunk-or-treat! Here are some pictures and the really short video of Sam running around (literally only a few seconds long). At the end I also put the video grandpa took of him naming his magnetic letters. Oh, and isn't he cute in his Sesame Street PJs? :) He loves Elmo. He says it over and over again and we bought him Sesame Street shoes the other day too and he loves them! He always carries them around and says, "Elmo, Elmo!" Okay, I said I was done, didn't I?

Getting ready to go in!

Eating some licorice...

Mesmerized by the strobe light...

My hair looks so brown in this picture! Man I need some highlights! There's Lydia and little Megan (the witch) on the floor too.

Happy family! Sam somehow untied his balloon animal and was just carrying it around the rest of the night like this.

Here we are! Christa Johnson, Destiny Bolinger, Lydia Hulse (she couldn't find her black shirt so she used red instead!), Becky Brimhall, and me.

We are just so cute...

You can't see from the previous picture what Becky's lovely logo looked like, so here it is up close ("Twilight moms unite"):

The backs, though you can't see what they say. :) Lydia and I didn't have the backs on ours so we're just standing there....and I'm looking dorky.

Mommy and Daddy....

The back of our boy dragon with his costume contest number....


And it takes WAY too long to add videos on blogger for me for some reason (like 8 hours at least...I don't know what my computer's problem is...) so I have added the last one on Photobucket to save time. Here's the link:


marym said...

oh my gosh! he is the cutest thing ever! and i like your shirt jennie.

Coltharp Golden Years! said...

Jen, is it your "spina bifida" that makes your spine hurt? You poor thing. Thanks for the cute pictures...I'm so glad Jim got to be there! Love, Mom