Monday, October 20, 2008

Still sick and waiting...

Well, we are now at the two week mark for this cold/virus/flue thing Sam has had. It's strange that even during the crappiest two weeks, when all you have done is sat on the couch with a sick child in your lap, locked indoors, the time has seemed to fly by. First Sam had the virus and because this stupid thing takes forever to leave it settles in and after about a week we took him in and found out there was bronchitis and an ear infection too so he took his antibiotic for that and he finally started to seem like he was getting somewhat better (not as much snot and sleeping through the night) but that only lasted a day because that next day (the day after he was done with his antibiotic) it started all over again. Up until the middle of the night this morning, ever since last Thursday, he had a constant fever again of about 103 and the congestion started all over again. His doctor said it wasn't the infection because the antibiotic took care of that and are still in his system but that antibiotics don't take care of viruses so he must have just got another virus on top of it. Ugh. It's been so annoying.
It wouldn't be as bad if I wasn't sick at the same time but this thing has hit me hard too and I've had it for about a week and a half and didn't finally start feeling some sort of relief until last night. When I do get sick I usually don't keep whatever it is for long, but the harshness of this virus going around mixed with the fact that I am pregnant and only have about half the use of my normal immune system, it is just lingering. I can breathe a tiny bit easier through my nose but my cough seems to be settling more into my chest, which is painful and uncomfortable, so I'm hoping that doesn't mean I have an infection. I'm going to give it a couple more days and see how I feel. If my doctor was here in town I'd probably get it checked out, for the fact that everyone else that has had it seems to have developed some sort of infection, but I don't want to drive an hour and a half if I don't need to.
Dave is sick too and still plugging along, going to work and stuff, but it hasn't hit him as hard as Sam and I, luckily. I just really really pray and hope this thing goes away soon, especially by Friday when Grandpa comes! Mostly I am just so incredibly sick of sitting on my butt in this stuffy sick-infested house for the last two weeks strait. It will be liberating when this thing is finally gone and things can get back to normal!
I do know, even though I have been complaining, that we are truly blessed! There are people going through a lot worse, health-wise, with their families and kids, and I can only feel overwhelmingly grateful that the Lord has blessed us with what he has and the health that we do have! I can't even thank Him enough!
A funny example of what we have had to deal with this last couple weeks... On Saturday morning Sam wouldn't eat anything as usual (he has had NO appetite these last couple weeks) but I decided to force something down him so I took a tiny piece of the scrambled eggs I was eating and as soon as he started to swallow a little fraction of that piece he started gagging and threw up ALL OVER himself, me, the floor, our new couch... As I ran with him into the bathroom he was puked again on the way and again when we walked in the bathroom door so I sat him in the tub fully clothed so he could finish and when he was done it was so sad...he just looked up at me all sad-like with piles of puke all over himself and his clothes. Poor baby. And all he would ingest the couple days before that was milk so it had curdled in his stomach and so the throw-up looked like piles of large curd cottage cheese. And the smell made me gag and I almost threw up. It was so sick and so hard to clean up! Anyway....about an hour later when I finally had both of us showered, the carpet cleaned, our new couch cleaned, our clothes scrubbed out and in the washer, and the bathtub cleaned out, Dave came home from golfing and decided it still smelled really bad (my sense of smell hasn't been that strong because of how plugged up I have been) so he took the compartment off of our carpet cleaner (we love our Little Green Machine!) that keeps all the nasty old water and he was going to empty it so he could re-clean the carpet, and he accidentally dumped it upside down ALL OVER the carpet and linoleum. Now, this stuff REEKS so now the smell of rotten old milk mixed with what smelled like old dead animals permeated throughout the whole house so strongly I couldn't even stand it! Anyway, it took him at least an hour just to clean the floor, and re-clean and re-clean it until it actually smelled decent again. It was a gross and smelly and long morning, but finally everything smells good again and is perfectly clean....thanks to our carpet cleaner. I'm so glad we decided to get that thing...
Well, this last two weeks of boredom has given me the opportunity to read Twilight again and I'm glad I did because there was a lot of little things about it I had forgotten and I actually loved it even more the second time through! Now I'm already to see the movie. Except, now I'm even more worried that because I remember it more thoroughly I will be even more disappointed in the movie. Oh well...gotta keep an open mind. I was only planning on reading Twilight again but now that I'm done with it, I find myself wanting to read the whole series again. We'll see...I guess if I have spare time. :)
I did start reading Clear as the Moon last night, vol. 6 to the Great and the Terrible but I know I will get through that quickly also!
Well, one thing that has had me a little cheered is that it is starting to feel somewhat a little like fall here in the desert. Yes, we don't have the freezing temperatures and the beautiful gold, red, and orange leaves covering the trees (which I am SO sad about), but there have been a few days here and there where it has been a little colder and the last few days we have only had to have our AC on for a few minutes in the late afternoon! Also, we have kind of fallen out of the habit of watering our lawn (call it business, laziness, whatever...) and so the dead leaves covering our backyard dead lawn makes me feel a little more at home. :)


Coltharp Golden Years! said...

Now that you've gotten all this off your chest, I hope you feel better! It's great therapy to VENT! I love you. You guys are in our prayers. Mommy

Nicole said...

You gotta love being a mom. It's funny how,as a mom, you just have to deal with disgusting things like getting puked on. You do it for your kids. The funny part is that at the time it's all happening you don't even care about how gross it is.