Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This last weekend was the Relief Society General Conference Broadcast and I just wanted to comment on how wonderful it was! I look forward to it every year and I just love hearing from our Relief Society General Presidency! I love those women and they always have such inspiring words! The talk that was the best for me though was Elder Uchtdorf's. I loved how he focused on creation and compassion. I had never thought about creation in that aspect before and that we need to utilize that ability as God's daughters as well. I love this time of year when I can be uplifted as a woman and feel so loved by these leaders of our church! I am so grateful that I can be a woman and a daughter of God and be a part of the wonderful organization of Relief Society!

We had a ward activity right before the broadcast also. It was a dinner/service auction and our Enrichment leaders did an excellent job at putting everything together! I had no idea there was so much talent in the ward either! :) There were some awesome services that got auctioned off and I wished I had more tootsie rolls (money) so I could have gotten more! :) I did however get one of the best ones...a free babysitting job from the Sipes! Hopefully, Dave will want to utilize it the same way I do...a date night. :) Anyway, Christa and Destiny, we missed you!

I am very excited for this weekend when we can hear from our church leaders again! I love how fast every six months seems to come! Conference is truly my favorite times of the year and I hope I can have my heart prepared enough at that time so I can get the messages I need to hear!


nickndest said...

Wish I could have been there. Yeah, you got the service that I was going to bid on.

Kadie said...

I totally loved President Uchtdorf's talk too. It was amazing and so inspiring. I took a whole page of notes! Conference is one of my favorite times of the year too!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Women's Conference was the best! And conference this weekend a total inspiration. I love the Lord and His church. And you! Mama