Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a crazy week...

This week hasn't been fun in the least. Sam got sick Monday with one of the worst viruses he has ever had. I'm sure it's the same one that has been going around to everyone here in Bagdad and causing lots of infections, etc. Anyway, it has been very slow to leave, but finally this morning he doesn't have as bad of a fever anymore and his eyes weren't as glued shut as they have been in the I guess that's progress. But he is still miserable and won't let me leave his side. So I have been home with my little one all week and to make matters even more wonderful, I started getting it last night too. What makes it even more fun is I can't take any of the good medicine to make myself feel better because I'm pregnant. Oh well. At least I won't be as miserable as Sam because at least I know how to blow my nose....

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of our miserable boy from yesterday. You got to love the snot stains on his shirt... okay, well, maybe you don't, but if you are a mother you understand. :)

I also finally posted a prego picture of myself at the beginning of my post. The pregnancy is going very well and I am so blessed, so I can't really complain...but I am going to anyway. :) Everything is going great, including the fact that it has been kicking the crap out of me and both Dave and Sam have felt it kick many many times, but I am already starting to feel the uncomfortable aches and pains that come along with the end of your third trimester, which sucks, because I'm still in my second. Sleeping is a nightmare, even with pillows surrounding my body, and the worst thing is knowing how much worse it's going to get as I get bigger and bigger. Remembering the end of my pregnancy with Sam doesn't give me much hope.

But I'm done whining about that now. Good news now...on Monday we find out what we're having finally! Yay! We will keep you all updated... :)

Conference was last weekend and it was so good and uplifting! My favorite talk was by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland during the second session about angels and how they are always with us. It was so wonderful and spoke right to my heart. I was so overcome with the spirit during that talk and I am so grateful for these times of year when we can hear from our inspired leaders!

During the priesthood session Saturday night a bunch of us women got together with our kids at Destiny Bolinger's house (well, it was really just her, Becky Brimhall, Christa Johnson, and me, but with all the kids it felt like a bunch of us). Despite some crazy kids, a very clingy son, and a couple episodes with Sarah and Zorro (the Bolinger's dog...hehe), it was so much fun! We had turkey sandwiches and desert, vedged and talk about Twilight (of course) and played some card games. Sam didn't let me enjoy the games too long but I still had fun. Then after the priesthood session the men came over and we all hung out there for a little while longer. The men supposedly had a wonderful dutch oven dinner before the session too, along with some "really good" cherry pie they wouldn't stop talking about...

Anyway, here's a picture of all of us playing spoons....well, trying anyway. Thanks for the picture Christa. :)

So this morning Dave had a run-in with a cactus. I knew that living in the desert in AZ this was bound to happen sometime. He was quail hunting with Tyrone Sipes and as they were heading down a hill, he was trying to get out of the way of one cactus, and somehow ended up falling into another one. It's almost funny to think about because he isn't usually so...careless! His pants were completely covered in needles and he had to pick some out of his legs but unfortunately one big one broke off in his thigh. It was sending pain down his whole leg and he couldn't walk so he and Tyrone come home this morning and he is sitting at the table with a knife (he couldn't find the scalpel we had...and no, I'm not lying...we do have one somewhere), about to dig into his own thigh to get it out. Well, after to listening to us (and what I like to think was the spirit) he decided not to. That, and he didn't want to pass out from the pain because he didn't know how deep it was or how much he'd have to dig. Anyway, he ended up going into the clinic here in town and the dr. on call had to numb him and perform minor surgery to get it out. It had gone deep and strait down into his thigh muscle! So now that that's taken care of, and it only being a few minute procedure, we will probably be out about 500-600$!! Gees...and to think that he was even thinking of calling Tyrone and cancelling this morning...

Anyway, here is a picture I just took of him and Sam on the couch resting. Poor Sam is so miserable and is in so much pain. This look on his face has been his permanent face for this whole morning.

I also had the chance this week to finally finish the Host by Stephenie Meyer. It took me much longer to get through that one, but I loved it! And as soon as I can get to the Valley again, around a Deseret Book, I am going to be buying vol. 6 of the Great and the Terrible, as that came out last week and I am dying to read it!

I just wanted to post two other pictures. The first one is of Dave reading to Sam outside. It was the first day he got sick so it hadn't hit him as hard. The second one is also of Sam's first day of being sick. He felt bad, but we were at least able to get a smile out of him...and a dang cute one it is too. :)

Well, this last picture is just of a really weird leaf bug that was on our wall outside. I know I post pictures of bugs a lot it seems but AZ has such weird ones that I can't pass up! I had heard of these bugs before, but never actually seen one and it is actually pretty cool! It looks exactly like a leaf in every way!!

That's it for now. I will post again on Monday when I can break the news of what we are having!


Nicole said...

I am so excited to hear what you are having. Send me a text as soon as you can after you find out. What do hope/think it is??
I feel so bad for sam. And you. It really sucks when your kids are sick.

The Jacksons said...

I can't wait to find out what you are having. How fun. You look so cute pregnant!
Sorry that Sam is so sick. That is the worst. Hope you all feel better soon. :)

T. Sipes said...

sorry to hear that Sam is sick and that you are starting to come down with it now too. If you need any help or a nap give me a call.

Janalyn Owens said...

Just wanted to say Congratulations! I'm sure that you and Dave are wonderful parents!

Angela Marie said...

You made me laugh a few times:

1) "at least I know how to blow my nose."

That's a huge frustration I have with being a mom too. I think half their misery would be eliminated if they'd just blow the schnauz out! There are some aspirators out there other than the bulbs that USA doctors recommend (which every honest mom knows don't work well at all). Try googling "baby nose aspirator" and see if you find anything exciting and new. I should probably look into one of those devices too. My little April also is suffering from an icky cold right now.

OK, I'm just going to write a book here. Congrats on baby #2 on the way, and by the time you're reading this you will already know if it's a he or a she! Sorry you're already feeling like you're in the 8 1/2 th month. Ugh. Thankfully my third baby didn't get too big at all and I slept sooooo well that last week. I wish you the same experience, if even only in spirit & sleeping comfort!!!

To conclude this ramble, you're so lucky you actually got to hear conference. Don't get me wrong...I TRIED...but how on earth do moms get their kids to be silent long enough to get through 1 talk, let alone 2 days' worth?! I guess I must be doing something wrong. I need to church-ify my kids better. Hey, it's 2am and they're sleeping, here's a good opportunity to catch up on conference!

The Lindsays said...

Poor Sam! He looks sooo much like Dave in the second picture of him being miserable. :) I love that blonde kid!