Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Like Nails on a Chalkboard...'s that time again. Sorry to all of you who don't want to hear complaining, but I was in the mood to list off some more of the most annoying things to me lately... :)

  1. People that are way too judgemental about other people's mothering...moms always know what's best for their own kids, in my opinion. Just because something worked for someone else's kids, doesn't mean it works for all!
  2. Doctors who feel it isn't necessary to give you detailed information about you or your own children and what's going on with them.
  3. The king on Dora the Explorer...there's just something about a king who's obviously old enough to sport a huge mustache, but clearly still a child because he acts like a dumb 3 year old, that rubs me the wrong way...
  4. Steven Baldwin....enough said.
  5. Political correctness.
  6. The Runzheimer program at Dave's work (the program that requires you to go into debt to buy a new truck...which they are now getting rid that we are stuck with a truck we didn't want, of course).
  7. When cartoons get men to talk for women. Example...Dora's grandmother (I know...a lot of things about this show bother me). :)
  8. Moths, Moquito Eaters (also known as Mosquito Hawks...), and all other big bugs that seem to love this time of year in AZ.
  9. When both your kids are screaming their heads off at the same time...both poopy at the same time...both wanting to eat at the same time...both waking up crying at the same time...ah...the joys of motherhood.
  10. When people can't admit they're wrong...even when they've been proved wrong.
  11. Waking up in the middle of the night with "I'm a grumpy old troll, who lives under the bridge..." in your head.
  12. Donald Trump's dead animal on his head.
  13. Colic.
  14. The high school phase...drama drama drama...
  15. And lastly, I know I have mentioned this before, but even venting about it doesn't take away it's annoyingness. :) The Kidz Bop commercials that play every commercial break on Nick!! that I have that out... :) I'm really not a negative person, I promise. And I also promise that I am happy and love my life. I just felt like bringing these to attention... :)


ericandjanine said...

hey, we had runzheimer with eric's last job too...and guess what? we're stuck with a $565 payment every month too when they bailed! i hate runzheimer with you.

Melissa said...

yeah, I hate the Kids Bop thing too, I don't get it, why do they need to remake the songs with kids singing them? Why not just get the song? Oh well, apparently I am not cool or something...

The Jacksons said...

You are so funny! Those same things that drive you crazy about Dora, drive me crazy! Sam and Keelia would get along great!

yettie/jessie said...

oh man i love this i feel the same way about almost every thing on here but dora my kids dont watch dora yaaaaa! i expecially know the whole being torn between your two kids things. oh and being put in debt that was forced upon you grrrr. oh and i love that lost drives you crazy too.

Jessica M said...

o my gosh.. does anyone really like the high school phase?? No Way!! and hahaha Dora.... Sams favorite show?? I love ya Jen!