Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shooting Extravaganza

Okay, so maybe the word "extravaganza" is a bit much. Dave took Jess, Mary, Jenni, and I shooting one day while they were here. It was funny...especially seeing Dave trying to teach us all the proper way to put in earlplugs. :)

Jen thought it'd be cool to wear Dave's cowboy hat.

Dave helping Jess for the first time with the .22

Dave with the .45

Me shooting the .22 rifle...the only one I could actually hit things with...

Some more of the activities we did with the Meyers included, but are not limited to:

Basketball... (while the Lindsays were here)

Wow! Dave actually doing a slam dunk!!!! Haha...jk....there's a chair under him.

Golfing... (with Nick and Colter)

Washing Dave's truck. Sam wanted to help...

Just playing and hanging out with the boys...

Jess must have been day dreaming about having a baby of her own...

Jess playing with Dave's homemade paintball armor.

I LOVE this picture!

Pictures of mom and Jess with my wonderful little glow worm!

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2busy said...

Love the "Annie Oakley" pictures.