Monday, April 20, 2009

"...Pancakes Real Quick..."

I just wanted to post some T.V./movie reviews...cuz I'm bored. :) I went to go see 17 Again last Friday night with the girls (Christa, Becky, Destiny, and Ashley) and it was a ton of fun! Even though I had the baby, it was so nice to get out and have girl time. We all agreed that we definitely need to do it more often! That was the 2nd movie Joshua has been to with me and he did EXCELLENT! He either nurses or sleeps the whole nice.

Anyway, the movie was so cute and good! I absolutely LOVED it! Some parts irked me a little, like when the 17-year-old version of himself would get a little too "comfy" with his normal aged wife...just thinking about a woman thinking that way about a 17-year-old boy was creepy (even though he was really her husband in a 17-year-old's body...). And then when his daughter tried kissing the 17-year-old version of himself....again, creepy. But I loved it! And I was so glad Zac Efron did such a good job! He was great at doing the same mannerisms as Matthew Perry would do...and talking like him. You could picture Matthew Perry acting or saying things he was saying. And of course, it wouldn't be a movie review if I didn't mention that Zac Efron was such a HOTTIE in it! Was that a little juvenile for me to say? :) I know, I never would have thought that before, but he was just a adorable in that movie.

That was the only movie I have seen in the theater lately, but we have watched a few we've rented. We recently watched Seven Pounds and I cried. Such a great movie, and evokes so many different thoughts and's literally heart-wrenching. Besides little minor things that I think could have been done better, I absolutely loved it.

We also watched Slumdog Millionaire and thought it was great! It had gotten so much hype from the Oscars, so we rented it and it was definitely as good as they made it out to be!

We also just rented Doubt, but haven't taken the time to watch it yet. That's another one that got a lot of hype. And I love Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, so I'm sure it'll be good.

We watched The Day the Earth Stood Still last night and it was...okay. Keanu Reeves is one of those actors that just rubs me the wrong way. He's so dull and can't act, in my opinion. But I guess that's why he was good in that role because he had no personality. I just can't help but picture him, in his surfer dude, Keanu voice, saying "I know kung-fu..." or in his Bill and Ted's role. The worst part of the movie was when he was talking in Japanese...HORRIBLE. Anyway, the movie was pretty good and entertaining, but only a one-timer for me.

Speaking of weird movies, about a month ago Dave and I saw Knowing, with Nicholas Cage, and it was nothing like I expected. I was thinking it was going to be about something totally different, and that it'd be better, but it was

Last night I was flipping channels and the Holiday was on. I know that movie is old news now, but it is absolutely one of my most favorite romantic movies. It's so cute and I love it! Just had to mention that.

There was also a preview when I saw 17 Again for a movie coming out called My Sister's Keeper (based off of a novel), and I cried just from the preview. I recommend looking up the extended looks so good and so moving! Definitely a tear-jerker. For me anyway. And maybe it was because I have experienced a little sister going through chemotherapy and cancer, and it hit home a little more, but I think anyone would agree it looks great!

May is going to be a good month too...there are three movies in particular that I am way excited to see when they come out: Star Trek (I am usually not a Star Trek fan AT ALL, but this one actually looks pretty awesome), Angels and Demons, and X-Men Origins.

Now on to T.V. shows...because of our beloved DVR, we watch WAY too many shows...because we can. :) I'll start with the best...this season of 24 has been awesome! I've loved it so far. And I am very excited because I found out that there will be a season 8 (or a "Day 8"), which means Jack won't be dying from the bio weapon he got exposed to! Yay!

Another show that has been awesome this season is Heroes! That is one show that just gets better every season! That and House...LOVE House! The writers to that show are brilliant, in my opinion. We also love Fringe...not much to say about it, other than we love it. I love the characters and it's another one of J. J. Abrams excellent shows!

And speaking of J. J. Abrams...I have to mention Lost. Now, don't get me wrong...I'm a huge fan of the show and will always watch it, but come on...when are they going to start answering some questions! Yes, they have started to explain a little more this season, but along with it, they have created more questions! So you're always wondering about something! They have one more season to go, so hopefully they'll answer everything by the end.

A new show we started watching that we absolutely LOVE is Lie to Me. It's right up there with the rest of them. And we started watching Southland (we've only seen 1 episode so far) and that seems to be pretty good too.

Of course I love my American Idol too. I have loved this season. My favorites were in the top 3 last week so I was happy! I LOVE Danny Goky and Allison (whatever her last name is), and even though he's weird, I LOVE Adam as well!

And then we have our funnies...The Office is always our favorite. And we started watching that show, Parks and Recreation. It's way too much like the Office and Amy Poeller is too much like Michael Scott. It's not the funniest, but there was a REALLY funny part on the first episode..."If you're going in the kitchen can you make me some pancakes real quick?" Haha...those of you who saw it know what I'm talking about. Dave and I still laugh about it...

I have been extremely disappointed in Scrubs now. I think it's kind of lost it's magic. There are still some funny parts, but overall, I think they've ran out ideas.

A new show we absolutely love is Better off Ted, and sadly, I found out it's going to be cancelled, which totally bums me out, because it's hilarious!! We loved the "operation white shadow" episode...again, those of you who have seen it know what I'm talking about...

Those are the main shows we watch, a few others here and there. I also just finished reading The Giver for the little Bagdad Ward Book Club we have. I loved it, and it was very creatively written, but I guess I was just anticipating a more climatic ending. It just sort of ended, and I was hoping for it to explain more and wrap things up better. It didn't have a bad ending per se, but it just didn't give me closure. But it was a really great book and well written!


2busy said...

I really liked the Knowing. That is one I would see again. I am anxious to see 17 Again, kind of the opposite of 13 going on 30? Looks fun anyway. Thanks for the reviews.

yettie/jessie said...

i love that we so watch a lot of the same shows and it makes me feel so much better about how much i watch tv and i to am looking forward to the same movies that are coming out and i way love lie to me and house john thinks that i wish i was that smart so i could be a major jerk and get away with it and i kind of do some times.

Christa Johnson said...

I just sat here and ate a big bowl of chocolate ice cream and read your reviews, life just can't get better than this! It was fun, entertaining and now I am well informed, although I can't seem to find any time to watch TV or clean my house. But I remember the days of having Cassidy and Lund so young and close together and TV was my only life line to the outside world.... Sometimes I miss those days, crazy, huh???? Not enough to do it again though.... go figure...