Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and Computer

We are in Queen Creek (Phoenix valley) right now hanging out the rest of the weekend with the Stewarts and everyone except me and Sam are gone hunting birds so I decided to put Sam down for a nap and take advantage of some quiet....ahhhh.  Anyway, our Christmas was great!  Except that the night before Christmas Eve a virus was accidentally downloaded onto our computer and that kind of put a wrench in things.  I hate spyware!  We have been wanting a new computer for a while (its five years old) but held off on the idea because of job stability and money situations so of course we missed the really good deals on computers and laptops on black friday.  Anyway, so we decided to try and reformat our hard drive and see if that makes a difference.  So we spent Christmas Eve with Ben and James while James tried to reformat our hard drive...I say tried because it didn't really work.  So we decided we would price computers this weekend in the Valley and we found such a good deal at Best Buy!  I am so excited about it.  I can't wait to get home Sunday and set it up!  Thanks dirty hackers!  Just kidding...  Anyway, thanks James for all your hard work and spending time pricing parts, etc!

Christmas morning was quiet with just us three, and definitely quite different than we are used to (not just because of the fact that it was raining and not snowing...)!  It was the first year we spent just us without being with our families.  But it was definitely nice!  And Sam got the hang of the present thing and caught on really quickly to what presents were, who they were from, etc!  He was so cute!  I just loved watching him open his presents!  He loved it!  He sat in his Cars Lightening McQueen chair and opened them all!  And I love that he's at the age that he even got excited over the two pairs of shoes "Santa" got him!  Ever since yesterday he's been going around saying stuff like "Santa shoes," or "Grandma cars," depending on who got him what.  I just loved the experience and have to say that though Christmas felt different this year, there is nothing like Christmas when you have children who can get into it!  By far, much more joy comes from them opening gifts than by getting your own gifts!  We didn't even have gifts for each other!

Anyway, after we were done at our place we came down here to Queen Creek and spent the rest of Christmas day/evening with Brand and Tiff and her mom and sister's family.  We had a wonderful dinner and had fun visiting and watching (I should say criticizing and making fun of...) Journey to the Center of the Earth.  We might have ruined it for the kids, but oh well.  I guess one can't really help the negative comments when it's a Brenden Fraisure movie.  :)

I will post pictures of Christmas morning, etc. when we get home and I get the computer set up and can upload my pictures! :)


bek said...

jen, sam is so smart. i mean exceptionally smart! that is so cool you got a good deal on a new computer! can't wait to see what you do with it! :) merry christmas!

Coltharp Golden Years! said...

Just think...your first Christmas alone with your family! Sorry about your computer. We had that happen last year. We were told that the only way a virus can get into your computer is by downloading something. A hacker can't get in and give you a virus. You actually have to go to a site and download something. Just be careful about the sites you go to and what you download. And NEVER click yes to download software to get rid of spyware. Just shut down your computer and restart it if you keep getting those pop-ups wanting you to do it. I love you! Mom

yettie/jessie said...

sounds like fun and sam is such a smart kid ruby thinks christmas is her seconded birthday it is funny i haven't put up my christmas post yet i have ben lazzy and i am still trying to find my cord that goes from my computer to my camera so i can upload my pictures. well glad things are going well and if you get a chance you have to read this new book i got it is called the hunger games it was the one that was recomended on stephanie myers web page. way good.

Angela Marie said...

Hi, I was here. Hooray for kids who make Christmas magical :) Now I understand why adults go through all the trouble of Christmas every year. It's for the kids! And it's worth all the hard work :)