Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Pictures...FINALLY!

I have been major slacking lately. Okay, so not necessarilly slacking. I just haven't had much time. Every time I get on the blog I only have time to read everyone else's but not do my own. So here are some pics from Christmas and the weekend of!

Checking out his things from Santa in his stocking (he was so happy and excited!); some mini tonkas, an orange, Sponge Bob fruitsnacks, etc. He also loved opening his things in his Cars chair, which was an early Christmas present.

His Thomas the Train PJs from Grandma!

Opening his hotwheels, or "cool cars," from Grandma.

His Elmo slippers from mommy and daddy. I know he doesn't look very excited in this picture but he was actually pretty excited about it. He loves that he can wear Elmo on his feet!

Opening one of the pairs of shoes he got from Santa...

His Tonka trucks that light up and make noise. He LOVES these things...

Sporting his Elmo slippers....

Eyeing and appreciating his new pile of toys!

Playing with his new puzzle. All he wanted to do that morning was play with all his things. And his new toys are all he's been playing with since Christmas!

As I mentioned in my last post we went to Queen Creek for the rest of the day and weekend. On Saturday we went out to "the desert" and had lunch/dinner and hung out and did all sorts of fun things (dirt bikes, BB guns, Dave and Brand hunted Dove, etc.)...but it was unusually cold for the Valley! Brand, Sam, McKenzie, Dave, and Conner before Kenzie and Conner went out for a ride.

Little Haiden and Helen with the BB guns.

Daddy and Sam on a bike ride. Sam LOVED it!

Sam, Dave, Tiff, Helen, and Brand while Brand and Helen try out her new softball stuff she got for Christmas.

Daddy and Sam playing baseball.

Sam sitting in Jensen's little camp chair. We really need to get him one of these.

Sam Playing the drums for Rock Band. He loved it. :)

Brand, Dave, Tiff, and Doug rocking out...

Our Christmas gift from Brand and Tiff...

A few days after Christmas we got Grandma Karen's package and this is Sam opening some stuff. He got puzzles and a Cars road rug and we got some very cute kitchen stuff (hand towels, mits, place matts, etc.).


The Jacksons said...

Super cute pictures of Sam opening presents!!
I love your new background. How did you get your picture centered in your header??

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