Friday, January 16, 2009

Boredness...and Tiredness

So it's not quite 10pm yet but I feel like it's after midnight...I'm SOO tired! We drove down to Phoenix this afternoon to spend the weekend with the Stewarts again. Dave went to a Suns game downtown tonight with Ben, James, and another friend so I'm sitting here in the quiet of the Stewarts' home, waiting for them to get back, which will be soon hopefully. Tomorrow they are all going paintballing, which is the main reason everyone came down here. I'm just going to hang out here with Sam by myself...woo hoo.

I might be a pregnant mom who has to miss all the fun, but I'm still glad we got to come down here this weekend, just for the sake of getting to see friends and getting the chance to get away. Besides, Sam loves coming here. The whole trip down here (he didn't even sleep a wink the whole 3 hrs.) he was saying "Brand's house." And when we finally got here at like 7:15 he ran in and was so excited. He loves it here. In fact, he loves it here so much that I couldn't get him to eat dinner before bed because he just wanted to play with the slinky on the stairs. He was so wound up and excited that even at 9pm it was like pulling teeth just to get him to eat and drink a little something so I could put him to bed. But it's funny because when I said "bed" he got really excited cuz he was so tired, that he went right upstairs and into the room we were staying in. A thing that has helped is that he recently started sleeping with a pillow like a big boy and he just loves it! He gets so excited when he gets to get in his bed now. I hope it lasts.

I love that he feels so at home when we come here. Night time and sleeping isn't even an adjustment at all. He willingly goes to bed very easily every time we're here, and that is SO not normal for him.

When we stopped at the paintball store on the way down, we went into a child consignment shop and found a good deal on a toddler bed for Sam! It came with the mattress too, so we got it. I don't know when we will start him in it, but I don't think I want to even worry about it until after the baby comes. And hopefully, it's an easy transition!

Well, I am 36 weeks now, which means if I do go about the same time as I did with Sam, I will be having baby Joshua in about 3 weeks! But even 4 weeks is absolutely insane to me! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy flew by, even though I have been MISERABLE! I'm sooo glad I am almost done. But I do know I need to enjoy the little bit of peace I still have before I have another infant. Still....I can't wait to not feel like this anymore and to not feel like I am actually disabled! There is still so much I have to do before he comes. I need to pull out and go through all the baby stuff, wash the clothes, organize the room, etc. I hope I can actually have the ability to get it all done before he comes. It would feel very nice if I was 100% prepared in that sense this time.

Well, anyway. Enough rambling for one night. Dave should be back soon!

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Christa Johnson said...

I am glad that you got out of the house for a little bit, even if you are alone. Where did the Stewarts go???? Is is just a vacant house for the weekend?
I think it is time for you to pick up some new hobbies too, like Dave did.... how 'bout underwater basket weaving or other such activities!
See ya soon!