Friday, January 30, 2009

Midnight Mystery Lover

So I was watching Friends the other day, and I know this is totally random but it was one of my favorite episodes and I just had to post, what I think, is one of the funniest conversations that takes place on the show. It's the one where Ross finds out after like 15 years that what he thought was his first kiss with Rachel, was actually with his sister, Monica. HILARIOUS. This is a conversation between Ross and Monica (Chandler is there too) as they are figuring it out and the hysteria in their voices increases until at the end they're practically freaking out...

Ross: "What were you doing in the pile of coats?!"
Monica: "I WAS the pile of coats!!"
Ross: "Oh my G-!!!"
Monica: "You were my midnight mystery lover!!!"
Ross: "You were my first kiss with Rachel!"
Monica: "You were my first kiss EVER!!!!!!"
Chandler (in the same frantic tone): "What did I marry into?!?!"

Okay...enough of what I think is randomly funny....I just love that show...


Steve, Jillian, and Addison said...

I was just watching that one too! It was hilarious!!!

The Jacksons said...

Ha ha! I LOVE that episode. That is a good one.