Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shower and Sam

Thursday night was my baby shower and it was awesome. Destiny threw it all on her own and did everything. It was amazing and I can't thank her enough...thanks again Destiny! The theme was little monsters (thanks Becky for making the cutest invitations ever!) and everything was blue and green...probably the cutest shower ever. :) Okay, maybe I'm biased. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I had a really good turn out and we all had a good time! Oh...and the food was amazing too. :) I will do a post later with pictures.

I am SO ready to deliver this baby! Every day I think I couldn't feel worse and be more ready, but I am proven wrong all the time. For some reason since the day of my shower things have took a down turn and I feel worse than ever! I am in so much pain that laying down on my side doesn't even help anymore. And just getting off the couch and walking across the room is absolute torture because I can barely lift my foot off the ground. And I thought it was bad before... I know that sounds totally dramatic, but it's so true. And I still wonder why I didn't feel like this with Sam! There's no way I would have been able to work like I did with him...until the day before I went into labor! Anyway, I don't know if Joshua just dropped even lower now or what, but it's miserable. I thought yesterday that maybe it was because the past two days I was doing a lot more than I should (when I'm home all day and I know things of importance are coming up I can't just sit on my butt no matter how awful I feel...I HAD to clean and stuff) and I was just feeling the effects of over-doing it, but when I woke up this morning and felt just as bad, and even took a bath (that usually helps a ton!) that didn't do anything to relieve the pressure, I'm thinking it's just probably that he is down there and ready to come. I hope he comes soon! The only thing is, Sam's party is on Tuesday and I REALLY want to have it for him still...and then on Wednesday I'd like to clean up from the party and get the house clean and ready for the baby again, and for when mom I guess what I'm saying is, anytime after Wednesday would be WONDERFUL!! :) it's up to me... I have my next appointment on Monday (hopefully my last) and I will have her check me again.

I just love my son and I get such a kick out of him and the things he does and says, so I decided to list them all...all the things he has done lately, or is still doing that are so cute...

*I have a big tan pillar candle in the center piece on my kitchen table and he called it a hot dog.
*The other day he opened my cupboard with all my crock pots and rice cooker and said "hot" about each one (though they clearly weren't) and then leaned down and blew on all of them to cool them down.
*He talked in his sleep for the first time about a week ago (or the first that we've heard anyway). We went in to check on him before we went to bed one night and as we were pulling his blanket back over him he mumbled in the happiest tone, "cars..." We always wondered what he dreamed about, and now we know.
*He LOVES his TV shows and, as I have mentioned before, Dora is is favorite, and he loves all the characters on the show. He loves to tell me what colors they are. He will come up to me and say, "Isa green. Benny blue. Tiko purple." And it's just cute...especially when he says "Isa" because he has the cutest voice.
*If he is in a room in the house and doesn't know where we are he will call out in his cute dramatic voice, "Mommy, are you??" or "Daddy, are you?" And the other day I could hear him watching Ni Hao Kailan (spelling?) and Kailan asked something like, "Do you know where Rin-too is?" and he calls out, "Are you?? Rin-too??" I know these are just dumb little things but I love them. He has the cutest voice and I love that he talks back to the TV and answers when the characters on his shows ask questions.
*One of his favorite things to say lately is "Okay." He says it at the resolve of any concern or question. Sometimes when he's done organizing his cars he will say, all business-like, "Okay."
*He loves baby Joshua and kisses my belly all the time, and the other day he was sitting on my lap eating some cookies and he said, "Baby Joshua cookie," and then put the cookie on my tummy because he wanted to give Josh one.
*If I ever hurt him on accident or walk into him I say "sorry" so now he associates that word with getting hurt and even when he hurts himself, he'll say, "sorry."
*He is now at the stage where when he gets hurt he wants me to kiss it all better and I love that...but he does it for EVERYTHING. Even if he lightly bumps or taps his arm on something he will come up to me and say "all better!" so I will kiss it.
*He LOVES watching American Idol with us. He gets a kick out of the crappy singers and the judges' reactions. He will sit in his chair and watch the whole episode with me and clap and cheer when someone makes it to Hollywood and then laugh when someone sounds silly or bad.
*He thinks everything is funny. And when something is, he always has to say "funny." So, on American Idol, for example, when someone sucks, he will turn to me laughing and say, "funny!"
*I'm afraid he is a little OCD like me. He hates having a dirty face and hands. If he is eating anything messy he will just hold his hands out and not even bend his fingers because they are "yucky," and he ALWAYS wants to wipe them. If I give him a tissue, he will wipe his hands and face in-between every single bite. me.
*Another OCD thing...he can't stand to have his pants or long sleeves pushed up. If his PJ pants are riding up, even just an inch, he comes to me and says, "Pants! Fix it!" until I push them down.
*Since Dave shaved his head, and it's now growing back, it's at the really fuzzy soft stage and Sam loves to rub it and say, "Daddy, fuzzy."
*Loves to go wild on our couch and make his hair staticky (like in the picture below).


The Smaellies said...

What a cute kid! I hope, for your sake, that baby comes soon! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Excellent you can deliver him today, no need to wait until the 14th.