Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun at Park!

Well, Sam and I's first day alone together was pretty.....lonely. And boring. The highlight of the day was when we got some lunch and went to the park and had a picnic! I actually had a really good time. I loved playing with Sam and being outside with him. He loves it outside. It was the perfect day for the park too! It was really hot, but sitting under the shade of a huge tree in the grass, it was PERFECT! Here are some pictyres of him on the swing and on the pony. The whole time we were there, especially on the equipment, he was going around and saying "weeeeeee, weeeeeee!" That's his new thing and it's so cute!
We saw a friend of ours there, Kim, with her two kids and their two new kittens and I wish I got a picture of it, but one of the kittens was following Sam around everywhere and it was adorable! That's it for now!


Christa Johnson said...

o.k. I just left you a really long comment, but I accidently pushed a button and erased it!! ARRGGGG
Anyways, I just wanted to say that I love reading your blogs because you do such a great commentary on your life! I feel like I am there at each event.
Also, my kids don't exactly think I am the coolest mom ever because today I am walking like an 80-year-old lady and I look like I was run over by a car. Oh well, the crazy things we do to feel young!
See ya soon!

The Jacksons said...

What a sweet boy!! :)

Janalyn Owens said...

I can't remember if I posted on your blog before, but I just wanted to say that I'm so glad that you found me! You guys are great, we sure miss ya! Tell Dave hi for us!