Friday, May 30, 2008

Loner for a week...

So I am really sad that Dave will be leaving me for a week. He leaves early in the morning to Minneapolis for a conference all week. I will miss him like crazy and will be so lonely with just me and Sam here! Sam will miss his dad so much too! He loves him so much! He thinks every man he see's is daddy and he gets so excited if he even see's a picture of him!

Anyway, after tomorrow morning, Sam will be seeing Grandma and Grandpa Meyers and his aunts before he even see's his daddy again! They are getting in next friday afternoon/night and daddy won't be home that night until about 11. We are so excited for them to come and hang out!!!!! They will be here a whole week too!

Also the same week they are here is girls camp for our ward and due to them being here and the fact that I have a tiny guy, I couldn't go. I am sooo bummed about it too. Every time we're all together planning for it I feel so sad I can't go and be a part of it. The group of girls are so much fun! They also got a really awesome camp director (Tiffany) that will make sure they'll have an awesome time!

So tonight is the once a year anticipated Bagdad Softball tournament that goes all night. We went for a little bit to watch the first game at 7pm because our good friend Christa was playing in it (Christa I bet your kids think you are the coolest mom!!) and then we came home and put Sam to bed and now Dave is back playing in his game. If I didn't have to stay home because of our sleeping boy, I'd be there cheering him on!

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