Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Service Project

Today the young women came over to our house to finish the service project we're doing for camp. We are making ABC quiet books for the missionaries to give to families with small children who they are teaching the discussions to. They turned out great and each one is creative and different. There are only 8 girls going to camp (only 3 are members), therefor only 8 books were made. But for Bagdad, that's pretty good!

So, this next picture is just another display of the disgusting insect life in Arizona. This beetle, or whatever it was, was HUGE! It was the size of a baby mouse or something. It was stuck in between the windshield and the hood on Dave's car. Sick, huh?

I wanted to give a quick shout out to our favorite shows...the House season finale was on last night and I just wanted to say that show rocks! It seems to get better every episode and the writers are just so good! We love it! Anyway, I'm sad to say that my next favorite show right now, American Idol, will be coming to an end tomorrow night. Tonight both Daves perform for the last time (as far as voting is concerned) and for the first time ever I think I am fine with either one of them winning. I like them both!

Back to real life now... Lastly, as always, I just wanted to post a few pics of Sam. He was laughing so hard at Daddy last night during dinner time. Then he was trying to take off his bib.


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The Jacksons said...

I love American Idol. I can't wait to see who wins tonight. And Sam is so stinkin' cute!!! :)