Friday, May 16, 2008

Six Random Things...

Well, I've officially been tagged, so now you get to hear me ramble on about six random things that make up who I am. Let me think...

1. I actually love to read, which might come as a surprise to those of you who knew me in my high school days. I used to hate reading, for some reason, but something changed over the last few years or so and now I thoroughly enjoy it. I love getting lost in a good book or reading about something interesting. If anyone has any recommendations on some good reads, I'd love to hear it!

2. Well, following my first random fact, I usually love reading in my free time, but lately I haven't taken the time to do that, due to my second random fact: I love to write, which may also come as a surprise to some people. I've always loved writing and reading poetry but most recently I have expanded that and can't get enough. To what seems like no control of my own, I'm always thinking about different things that would make a good novel and stewing up random story plots in my mind. So lately, that has been what has occupied most of my free time.

3. Though I am horribly out of shape, and hate trying to get motivated to do it, I actually love working out...once I start. :) In the winter when we lived in Rexburg I did Tae Bo every single morning and started getting into good shape, but moving destroyed the habit. So, I have recently started up again and I am loving it! I love Tae Bo!

4. As much as I wouldn't want to admit this to my church leaders, I secretly love teaching in church. I know, it's crazy. I've never told anyone this, as it is a recent development. I look forward to my week to teach in young women's and when we moved here the two callings I was secretly hoping for was either in the young women's or a teacher in Relief Society.

5. I am the HUGEST organizational freak. I have been called OCD by my fellow co-workers in the past, so if you have ever worked with me you know. I like things done a certain way (my way) and I have certain patterns I go about when doing certain things. You should see my calendar...each day is filled with writing because I have to make "to do" lists so that I don't go crazy and feel somewhat like I have control of things. I like being able to cross something off the list once I've done it....weird, I know. It's hard for me to show someone else how to do something or accept help from someone because I like things done my way and I feel that by the time I have explained it to them, the way I want or need it done, I could have accomplished it myself. I know, it's awful and prideful and I need to work on that, but I've always been that way. Unfortunately, I think Sam has gotten that from me, due to the fact that most of the time he prefers organizing his toys over playing with them.

6. This last one might be a little weird, but that's why their random facts, right? My brother is a bit of a conspiracy theorist (he doesn't like that phrase, because they aren't just theories to him :) and I love to hear about all of them. Though they are far fetched and I don't know if I necessarily believe them all, I have an open mind and I love to hear them. I guess it just intrigues me!

Okay, now that I have taken the time for this I am now tagging Kadie, Nicole, Jillian/Steve (I refer to you guys as one because it's whoever updates your blog next), Katie, Erin, and're all it!

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