Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ode to Old Friends

First off, I just want to say Amen to Chrissy's American Idol Blurb! Who is still voting for Jason Castro?!? Though it was definately Brooke's time to go (bless her heart), I would have rather seen him leave...and he wasn't even in the bottom two! I guess there are people I feel this way about every year, but it doesn't make it any easier. Whew...okay, I'm done venting on American Idol.

I don't really have much news to post other than I am leaving Saturday to Colorado with Sam...yay! I'm way excited, but I am sad to be leaving my husband here all alone. Oh, I'm sure he'll love it at first (who wouldn't), but he will miss his boy so much! And Sam will miss him too.

Lastly, I was going through some of our old wedding photos and I got caught reminiscing about "old times" and how life seemed so much simpler back then. It's crazy to me how we've all changed so much since then and all the new places we're at in our lives! I wanted to post a couple pictures...I love and miss you all!

I love the helmet hair, Cindi...

And lastly, a little disturbing one...

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The Jacksons said...

I know. Sometimes, it does seem like life was easier back then. And I remember thinking how hard life was back then! Growing up stinks, sometimes, doesn't it?! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so :)