Thursday, November 20, 2008

8 Things....


8 T.V. shows that I like to watch...... (in no particular order)
1. Late night talk shows (Letterman, Leno, Conan)
2. Live with Regis and Kelly
3. Prison Break
4. The Office
5. Heroes
6. Friends
7. House
8. Fringe

8 things that happened yesterday.......

1. Had contractions
2. Finally cleaned the bathrooms
3. Made vegitable beef soup for dinner
4. Went to Young Womens and made vinyl lettering signs
5. Fed and changed Sam...a few times :)
6. Got my blood drawn at the clinic for the glucose test
7. Emailed some people
8. Found the cheepest parking garages by Sky Harbor Int. Airport

8 favorite places to eat... (no particular order)
1. Carinos
2. Wingers
3. Red Robin
4. In and Out Burger
5. Texas Roadhouse
6. Craigos
7. Panda Express
8. Quizno's

8 things I am looking forward to......
1. Going to Denver tomorrow!!
2. To see Twilight
3. Having little Joshua
4. Hopefully getting a new phone in December
5. Be thin again
6. Sam to be done teething
7. To some day go on a cruise....
8. Sam to start talking in sentences and communicating better

8 things on my wish list......
1. A better economy
2. The price of copper to go back up
3. Dave to get more respect at his job
4. A healthy baby boy and a smooth labor!
5. More money to help the people I love who are struggling
6. Family and loved ones to be healthy!
7. And the last thing is materialistic...a new computer

8 people that I tag.......
1. Cindi
2. Destiny
3. Christa
4. Becky
5. Mom
6. Melissa (there's like three of you....)
7. Tara
8. Katie

And anyone else that wants to.


Christa Johnson said...

I loved this blog entry and I am excited to do this one for myself. I have some sort of stomach flu today so I have time to sit and write. Yea!!!!
I am trying to feel better by tonight so that I can go to Twilight!!!Cross your fingers!!!

Jess Bezzant said...

So um, too bad you aren't around and we could all go to Twilight together!